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Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:45 pm
A NekomimiTabaxi Bard, hiding from their past...

A Halfling Cleric(?), not letting her amnesia get in the way of carnal pleasure...

A Kenku Samurai, who without his alcohol, is slowly getting worse memory...

A Dwarf Barbarian, exiled from his homeland...

An Aasimar Rogue, with a mission on her mind...

And a Human Sorcerer, hunted down for atrocities...

These are the people that find themselves summoned to the guild hall near the capital of Isaela, Murgon. As they were all new recruits, it was up to them to journey together as a group of adventurers to tackle missions until they could prove their worth. Introductions were made all around and a base sense of their personality was presented.

Terra was the Tabaxi bard, a shy timid girl who tried to keep to herself. Nera was the Halfling Cleric, and although a very bubbly person who couldn't stop thinking about innuendos, there was an underlying sense of kindness about her. Xavier was the Kenku Samurai, a mostly serious sort with an obsession for anything shiny, like most of his race. Taklinn was the Dwarf Barbarian, somewhat stoic and cautious until he got into a fight. Jay  was the Aasimar rogue, a playful, slightly mischievous girl. And then there was Dale, the Human Sorceror. While he mostly kept to himself, you could feel the determination pouring from his aura.

After a little banter, the group set out on the road toward their first mission; find what was causing livestock in a farming town to die off. Along the way each revealed at least a little more of why they came to the guild in the first place. Terra went for protection, Nera for the pleasure, Xavier for the hope of memories, Tak because what else could he do, Jay for the fun, and Dale because it was the best way to blend in.

The night before they arrived at the farm, a bear was seen sniffing about the campsite. While Terra had forgotten to pack a tent, Xavier let her use his and stood watch. Upon noticing the bear, he offered it some food and was at first rewarded with curiousity and indifference.  However, after being fed more, the two formed a bond, and Xavier thus gained a loyal bear companion!

Upon their arrival at the farm and some investigating, they wait for nightfall...

and are presented with THEIR FIRST FOES!

The group quickly realizes Fire is the way to go, and begin igniting their arrows, blades, and the very air itself. Realizing that this could get bad, one of them tries to escape, but Terra sprints off to intercept them! Meanwhile the other, in a desperate attempt for his life, begins to fight back, slashing Xavier across the beak and paralyzing Jay! As the rest of the party continues their igniting onslaught. Terra gets hit and is paralyzed. As Taklinn, recovered from paralysis himself, takes down the other one, Terra recovers, whispering madness into their foe. Its eyes drain of life and it keels over.

The party, exhausted, sleeps until daybreak and claims their reward, moving back to the guild for their next task. Along the way, Xavier stumbles across a bag of gems, seemingly being guarded by a flock of faerie Dragons.

Promising to just watch and bring ... a kind of luck to the party, they all but vanish.

The party, after deciding to take two quests, one to investigate noises from the forest and one to stop goblin raiders, then decide to step into the main city of Murgon to upgrade their equipment and see if any items can help them, as well as see if they can armour Pandy. While Terra is reluctant to go, she is rather easily tricked with a ball of catnipped laced yarn. The first stop they make is to exchange some of Xavier's gems. Priced pretty steeply just to see the appraiser, the party pools funds together. While he tries to rip them off, Xavier will have none of it, and sells half his bag for a little more than what the dwarf had wanted. As he grumbles back into his shop, an astral projection of him begins to follow the party, showing up on occasion.

The next stop is the blacksmith for bear armour. The relentless pounding of the anvil causes Terra to scream, breaking her out of her high and get the attention of the blacksmith. After a little negotiation, he agrees to do it, as well as a kite shield for Nera... which amusingly enough almost acts as a tower shield for the little halfling. They then set off for the docks to get fishing rods. While Xavier and Taklinn fish with Jay watching, Terra, Nera, and Dale go to haggle about a cart that Pandy (the bear) could haul, Xavier giving her the platinum he believed she needed to acquire it. She manages to find the carpenter stables of Buzz, who fashions himself a woodsmith instead of a carpenter. Looking at the two sets of carts they believed the bear could haul, Terra's eyes fell on the more ornate one. After being told a rather high price, she began to paint Buzz a picture of just what them having the cart could do to his business, easily causing him to jump in popularity. and with popularity, comes skill level. Essentially the young Tabaxi told him "PAID FOR IN EXPOSURE" and he bought it, giving them a 90% Discount.

So after a short rest the group sets off again, Pandy in Bear armour and a shiny cart leading the way.

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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:01 am
On the road, they met a satyr, who challenged an unwilling Terra to a music competition. After much coaxing from her teammates and the promise of a magical lute, Terra accepted.... and won by default as the satyr broke his pan pipes. Xavier, not wanting to have the satyr feel too bad, gave him some platinum for his troubles, in exchange for strumming the lute before Terra. It performed well enough to immediately become obvious that it enhanced his performance by quite a bit. Happy with her new lute, the gang continues on..

only to be immediately met with THREE WOLVES! [img=350,250][/img]

Luckily, Terra was able to immediately cause one to lose interest, bringing the total wolves to TWO! And Both had their sights set on Xavier, who took one very hard clawswipe to the beak. BUT PANDY, HEARING HER FRIEND/MASTER IN PAIN, CHARGED TO HIS DEFENCE, SHREDDING THROUGH THEM LIKE BUTTER! Well, it took a bit, but the hate remained on her enough for the party to take them down! One wolf was shot by Nera, right through it's back leg! And then it was shot by Nera... right up the anus. It died, thankfully. The other one met Xavier's blade and passed on as well.

So the heroes continue on their journey, taking their time of arriving to the forest. Not too far in they see a little girl and a THINGY THING PICTURE HERE!

Talking with the girl, they discover that while they were the source of mysterious sounds, it was because a group of evil baddies pushed them out. So, in order to investigate further, the group gets a ride on A GIANT SPIDER! [img=500,250][/img]

Unfortunately the journey was still long, but no real character story happened. After a long rest, they come across a stone monument. With some fiddling, a fishing rod, and a halfling, the monument opens up. Dropping a torch, a collumn of fire SHOOTS UP! IT WAS A TRAP! And this caused bickering on who should go down. Terra was for the dwarf, making surprisingly racist remarks, though only the dwarf seems paying attention. This causes a little bit more infighting between the two, and Nera decides to take action and tie a rope to herself and jump! Everyone panics and tries to grab the rope. Terra, being the weak little girl she is, almost immediately gets rope burn and lets go. She won't be playing her Lute for a while.

After determining it's safe, but detecting a great evil, Nera is ready to get the hell out of there. The group convinces her otherwise, and they all get down. With the exception of Pandy, who they use as a holestop and weight. Going through a small curve, they spot CULTISTS IN THE MIDDLE OF A RITUAL!

While most of the group stares and watches, Xavier decides to be an HERO and attract the attention of them, bravely brandishing his sword and calling out to them. This attracts the attention of three of them, who begin to approach. Xavier meets them HEAD ON LIKE AN HERO! One slips, knocks his head against the stairs, has Nera bash his head in, and Xavier stabs him through the heart. Tak beats the hell out of one of them, knocking them away. Dale is blasting fireballs left and right. Terra is just casting Blade Ward over and over praying to not get attention.

Eventually those fall and the three left notice. One of them, clearly the head cultist, starts running off. Terra tries to get him to stop with a joke, but he gives a small chuckle and runs off. The other two just simply get their asses handed to him. Unfortunately, the dark ritual managed to be complete, and a DRAEGLOTH IS BORN! [img=250,250][/img]

It feasts on the bodies as everyone else hides. SOMEHOW, Nera talks with it and it offers its name. Xavier, master Tamer that he is, says that it can join them for food, maybe even the dwarf. And then they get to a treasure room. Terra finds a scabbard for a wakizashi, Xavier finds said wakizashi, and Nera finds a spider broach.

So with demon companion in tow, they set off to find a way out of the forest.
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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:02 am
The group come across a river, and upon following it find themselves just a little ways out the clearing. While taking a short rest, they ponder their next move. After listening to Xavier talk, they come to the only conclusion they could think of; tell Astral and the little girl, getting there by Ishkannah. After mimicking the call he heard earlier, the Spider Queen crashes through the forest, stopping a respectable distance away from the Draegloth. With a slightly bemused, puzzled expression, she looks at Xavier... who realizes he has NO IDEA how to get her to take them to Astral. With some impressive miming from Terra helping him, she gets the idea and they are off!

After a while, they come upon Astral. Unfortunately, THE DRAEGLOTH GOES MAD, GIVING INTO HER DEMON URGES! IT HOWLS AND GOES TO ATTACK! But Ishkannah flicks her away, and she becomes a speck in the sky! After a slightly bemused Astral spots this exchange, the little girl gets an update from Terra upon what was going on. As a reward, they got a spider-silk lined kimono for Xavier. After promising to stay in the deeper parts after that, Astral allows Ishkannah to take them to the edge of the forest.

Afterwards, the heroes see that a small rinkydink town is just a couple hours walk, compared to the three day trek that would take to their next destination. After a bit of discussion, the group decides if they're lucky enough to find a wagon to cut down the time, it would make the trip more worth than they realize. As well, it gives them a chance to rest properly and inquire about the magical items they found. So they set off!

Terra decides to be the one to grab the wagon, and she finds one with little problem, tossing some gold out and signing a small contract, not even bothering to haggle. Meanwhile, Nera and Tak are getting... somewhat plastered, after having been given no clues to the identity of any magic items the party has. So with a small stint at the inn, the group heads off to their next destination!

Nothing happens, so Dale decides to share a little bit more of who he is and why he is adventuring. The Circle want him to answer for a few minor crimes, and he's hiding from them. With this revelation, and no answers as to what kind of crimes, everyone falls asleep a little restlessly, except Terra, who elects to keep the driver somewhat busy so he doesn't fall asleep. In the course of the night, they run over a bump. Xavier wakes up, mumbles something about the sea and how it smells horrible in the wagon, and falls back asleep. Terra's confused, but dismisses it.

They get dropped off as far as the wagon is willing to go, and sprint off down the road, where they see ten goblins laying waste to a decently fortified town. Five of them spot the heroes and come running to meet them! [img=500,250][/img]

Battle starts, with Xavier and a goblin getting in what appears to be a fierce duel! Dale is throwing fireballs left and right, and Nera, while wanting to bash skulls in, has to heal Xavier after his foe took a chunk out of him. Tak gets engaged in his own goblin, and one of them fires an arrow at Terra, but misses. Then, Terra displays a fearsome feat of magical power by getting in just the right position and casting her Thunderwave spell. This massively shocks all five goblins, while fizzling out juuuust out of range of our heroes. One goblin becomes dust through the sheer magical power. Tak, finishing off his goblin, mutters his approval. Xavier dashes behind the three remaining goblins and does a whirlwind strike, cutting cleanly through two of them and stopping dead in the spine of the other. Satisfied, the group races off to meet the other five!

And, because of how they were positioned, Dale gets right in front of them, channels his magical power into both hands, and unleashes two Rays of Frost, freeing all five of them before they could act. The party throws open the gates, expecting more goblins, but instead they get a relieved town, thanking them and letting them stay in the inn immediately to heal their wounds.

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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:02 am
A week passes with the party keeping an eye out for another wave of monsters, yet none come.

The gang is at a pub, having a good time. Xavier, drunk off his ass, notices a new person sit down at the table. "Ah, Terra! Why sit so far away from me? C'mon, get closer!" He waved to the stranger. Terra, who WAS sitting next to him, sighed. "I'm right here."


"Who are you?" Tak asked, hand on his blade.

"I am Sabrixia Tabitha, an adventuring Ranger. I heard this village needed help. The more the merrier, eh?"

"YOU GOT THAT RIGHT TERRA!" Xavier yelled.

"I'm Terra..."

"Oh hush Sabby... *hic*"

"Oooh, new friend... I think I'll call you Tabby, if that's okay?" Nera asked.


"By the way... has anyone seen Jay?" Dale suddenly wondered, looking up from his book.

As everyone's (Minus Tabby) eyes grew wideTHEN THE CHURCH BELLS OF DANGER RANG! So they sprint off, only to find the town wall is on fire! Terra grabs a bucket, ready to splash it out before it gets to big, as the party readies to fight against six goblins and...

a hobgoblin! [img=250,250][/img]

Xavier's the first to strike, and instead of using his normal weapon, he pulls out the wakizashi the party found and slices a goblin with it! as the wound opens, SPIIIIDEEERRRS come pouring out of it, attacking the goblin, who is now screaming and panicking, flailing.

Nera and a goblin get into a duel, the goblin getting more and more confused on why the hafling just doesn't up and die, and Nera missing repeatedly.

After Terra deals with the fire, she uses dissonant whispers on the hobgoblin and it falls over, defeated.

Tabby shows off her archery prowess by absolutely unloading arrows in all directions that a goblin was, impressing the party.

As Nera slays her opponent, the party finds a note in the hobgoblins fist. it was a crudely drawn map of their lair, with one letter written on it.


With a gasp, the party hurries off!

Quickly arriving, the party gasps upon seeing Jay, chained up against a wall...
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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:03 am
Jay is quickly freed, and, though hungry, is satisfied with the party FINALLY REALIZING SHE WAS MISSING FOR SO DAMN LONG. After a brief introduction to Tabby, the group ventures further into the hideout at Jay's insistence. The party is all too eager to wipe out the horde, and so they follow.

Eventually, they get to a deep room with low lighting. While the party seems hesitant and feel danger in the air, Jay casually strolls up. The brassieres on the side lighting as she goes. The room now fully lit, they are face to face with a beautiful dragon.

(You know the one. C'mon.)

The party gasps and reach out to Jay, who holds her arms out and...

hug the dragon?

The party is very confused as the dragon simply smirks and snorts the Aasimar away.

Tabby, entranced by the dragon, pulls out a paintbrush and some paints and starts painting it's scales.

"What... What is she... what is she doing?!"

"We... have no idea. We just met her."

"I... see?"

"Enough nonsense." Tak said, shoving his way forward. "We came here for the horde. Well, okay, we came here for Jay... but we also came for the horde!"

"Why, I turned the horde to that town." The dragon went on to explain that there were evil cultists in that town, and the quickest way to kill them before they did any damage was to kill the whole town. Nera and Terra went against the dragon, telling him that what he was doing wasn't right because it was costing actual innocent lives, and if the evil cultists were so powerful, then they'd just protect themselves and let the whole town burn anyways.

So the group fashions a deal. The dragon will hold off on the attacks for two weeks to give party time to track dwn and bring back the head cultist, so that he may kill him personally. "I don't care how you do it." Said the dragon, "But two weeks is all I'm giving you."

So the gang sets off once more toward the town, planning on how to efficiently gather enough information and get to the cultists. Unfortunately, the gang has differing methods of getting in.

Jay decides that she'll go up and interrogate EVERYONE IN TOWN claiming she is challenging their leader and that she DEMANDS THE ADDRESS OF THE HEADQUARTERS!

Nera, Tabby, Dale, and Tak decide that they'll brew some sleep poisons to slip into the drinks of the townsfolk, then ransack all the homes for clues, and, upon identifying the leader, drag his sleeping corpse to the dragon.

Terra and Xavier decide to keep their ears and eyes open for anything suspicious and act then, with Terra going to the pub and playing, and Xavier watching everyone from the rooftops.

Team NDTT go to an apothecary and ask for some sleeping poisins, but alas, the brewer is out of Nyquail feathers and Nightshade. So the four set out to get some feathers and plants.

So they come across... three Nyquails!


Oh wait no...



(Being honest, I do not remember much of this fight other than Tak getting into a rage and smashing one of the Nyquail's into a bloody pulp. So, ya, that happened.)

As they are fighting, Xavier is watching the town, sipping from his flask. He feels a small prick, but blows it off. Then two small pricks. He looks down and sees three tranquilizer darts on him. Looking around, he then feels about twenty darts before falling off the rooftop and losing consciousness.

Jay, in her room, finds a note on her pillow. "Come to the catacombs. Alone." It seems her way was the most efficient.

Terra, who had kept her eyes open almost as well as her ears, barely noticed with all the villagers coming in and out. She notices Xavier on the floor outside and goes out to play, hoping that it appears that she just played him to sleep.

As team DNTT enter town for a brief reprieve, Jay tells the party, minus one knocked the fuck out kenku, that she got a note. her part done, she decides to help them find the nightshade. Terra decides to stay and watch over the kenku.

So the five come across a thing of shade sitting around some puddles. After suspeciously hitting them and spalshing around, jay glides over and..



Two of them surround Jay, while ten go for the others.


Jay at crit heth from 1 attack
Tabby misses with dagger
Nera's mace gets stuck
Jay kills 2 with double daggers.
Tak gets rage-kills one of them
Dale ray of frosts again, freezing four. Five left
Tabby half healrh
Tabby shoots one, killing it
Nera shield bashes but misses
Bullywog hits nera, hits.
Tak hits one, and misses other, paralyzing one on the left.
Dale double rof, miss boths.
Bulky misses nera, muss tabby
Tabby shoots and kills

(That's what I got. We won, all you need to know.)

Presenting the apothecary with the ingredients, they pay a paltry sum and are told they must wait a week for twelve poisons. They begrudgingly do so, killing time as they are wont to do...
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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:03 am
During the week, Jay and Xavier get particularly drunk. Declaring an everlasting bond of friendship, they pluck a feather from themselves and jam it into the other. And then of course they continued getting drunk off their asses.

After the week's wait is up, the gang grab the potions and decide to first visit the town's abbey, which was one of the view to welcome patrons of all deities. Arriving, Terra knocks on the door and...


Terra, incredibly happy, applauds them as the head monk, named Al, coughs and more formally introduces themselves. "We have very little guests here, so we like to let loose from time to time. We appreciate you very much. And your bussiness?"

"I NEED A KEG OR THREE OF ALE!" Xavier shouts. "Wait, no, Kegs of Holy Water. My bad."

"We can give you a couple cases, but our coffers are low..."

"I'll make a 200 platinum... donation." The FILTHY STINKIN RICH Kenku offers.

"Done." Al says, accepting and tossing them into the coffer. Jay sneaks into it and plucks some platinum from them, and then also makes a donation of 60 platinum. For a total of 200 platinum.

"Fantastic! Blessed travelers, take this blessing!" Al blesses the party, and Terra commits the hymn to memory, translating it into a perfect song for her lute.

"I can use this prolly once or twice..."

"I say," Nera begins, "There's so many dieties here, but mine is certainly the best, allowing us more... pleasurable... desires."

Al sweats nervously and, having a crisis of faith, gestures a nun over. "W-we have a symbol of that one, yes. Palor I think his name was. .. Come, take the holy sword Dixon!"

Nera takes it and unsheathes...


"I LOVE IT!" She says, as a visibly uncomfortable Terra books it the hell out of there.

Eventually, the rest of the party leaves too, and, picking up Pandy at the stables, they set off for the catacombs...
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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:04 am
After some uneventful traveling, Jay leads them to the catacombs, with Nera zeroing in on the entrance. After some light discussion, Jay goes in alone as the instructions said.

The other party members find a secondary entrance, and with some walking, come to a closed door.

With Jay, she pulls some schlock about how she just wanted his attention so she could join. She's lead into a chamber, where she tosses a holy symbol she received from the Abbey into a brassier, where it melts away.

The party peek through, just as the leader begins to speak, showing off some draegloth in this massive catacomb.

Eventually, he has them tear away a cloth to reveal... the dragon the party was supposed to help! Terra gasps loudly and they sneak into the room.

The dragon, though displeased, is defiant, even as the lead cultist stabs him fatally. Then he has two other draegloth's rip away more cloth, revealing purple pulsing sacks of decayed meat and bones.

The mere sight causes Nera to scream as they converge on the dragon as the leader begins to rant...


Then the newly resurrected Dracolich fried the hell out of the remaining cultists, and began to rain havoc down and attempt to break down the catacombs. His eyes then set on the party, a murderous intent in his eyes...

Nera is paralyzed in thought and recollecting, some memories coming back. Terra and Tabby, having insane speed, just book it the hell out of there. Dale follows, and Jay starts dragging Nera to the exit. Xavier stumbles and falls as the dragolich goes to scoop him up!

There comes a time in an adventurer's life... where they decide to save as many as they can at whatever cost. Even a fallen angel knows it, despite oblivion being what awaits them, sometimes, others just have a destiny that you have to help them reach...

Using all of her strength, she dashes to Xavier and picks him up too, then spins and, summoning every iota of her being,, tosses them both to the exit, Nera rocketing through with her shield as a sled.

Not minding the cut from Xavier's not spiderblade, she doesn't even gasp in pain as the dracolich picks her up and stares into her soul, hate and anger in his eyes. She lets out a deep breath, one she didn't know she was holding, and pats the dracolich on the snout. "H-heh... Good Dragon?" She quips before being rent assunder by it's lightning breath. Her ashes flowing on the breeze, a sole black feather remaining and following...

and going right over an almost flattened Terra and Tabby, who combined were not strong enough to match that speed and weight of Nera's rocket shield. The Dracolich bursts through the ground and leaves a crater, flying off.

As everyone save Jay gathered there thoughts, Xavier noticed the white feather Jay had given him pop out and fall off...

"Oh no..." He whispered, as his eyes scanned the sky. Spotting ashes on the wind and his old feather, he closed his eyes. "Fuck. Jay... didn't make it."

Terra and Tabby were both silent with shock and despair. But Dale, Xavier, and Tak had to check up on Nera, who was certain she remembered something about her past. She told them they were guarding those bones. She says she wasn't a cleric, but she can't quite remember what she was doing back then.

Tak, ever the respectful barbarian, gets to work making a tombstone for their fallen ally.

"Here Lies Jay, Whome Lived as she died: A Bitch." He wrote shakily. He was a stonecutter, but that was completely different to engraving.

Taking a few more moments for respect, they set off back to town, hearts heavy...
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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:04 am
Everyone is in the pub, drinking or playing their sadness away. Nera notices a twinkle out the corner of her eye, and leaves. Meanwhile, near Tak and an INCREDIBLY drunk Xavier, there was another Tabaxi, awfully angry.

"I saw THE BIGGEST PAYCHECK OF MY LIFE! and it got AWAY! I just... I JUST... GAAAAHHHHH!!!!" And then she picks up a table and knocks Tak over the head with it, who instinctively reacts by punching Xavier, who goes to punch the new girl..

And thus a barfight between the three ensues, with punches going everywhere and a chair NEARLY hitting Terra, who noped the fuck out of there and watched from the window. While she wasn't certain, she DID think she heard Xavier yell "CA-KAW BITCH!" Only to be replied with "MEOW BASTARD!"

As the fight was raging, Nera was lead to the stables and a faerie dragon manifested into her patron deity, who gave her directions to become a paladin. "All you have to do was go here and complete the ritual that will be given when you get there." They explained, and sent her on her way..

She arrived to the fight, and, watching through the window with Terra, Tabby, and Dale, informed them.

But inside, the Bartender had enough, and coughed, placing a sword on the bar. The three pub fighters looked all at each other and nodded, simultaneously punching him, causing him to fly into the backroom and clatter is heard.

Eventually the royal guard comes in to break it up, one going to punch and knock out Tak, but knocks out Xavier instead. The other guard knocks out Tak. The female fighter on the other hand, stands at attention and passes off a lie that she was trying to break up their fight. As they go to arrest them, Terra steps in and explains the grave loss they had. Issuing a warning to not let it happen again, the royal guard help clean up and leave.

This leaves the new girl to explain who she is...
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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:05 am
Everyone rests up and the next day comes. Tak leaves sometime in the early morning, muttering something about damn cats. Everyone goes off to do their own thing pretty quickly, Dale and Nera wander around town talking with various townspeople, and Tabby feeds a pet slime she keeps in a jar. Xavier and Terra are in the bar, Xavier desperately trying to get a drink from a near-blind bartender and Terra just playing her lute, keeping her ears open.

"Did you hear? There's a bunch of treasure in Rosepetal Lake!" A gruff mercenary mentions. Xavier was already out of the door, and Terra follows him to keep him out of trouble!

And immediately gets into trouble herself, being pounced by the girl from last night, a Tabaxi named Vivian. "Ah There you are TABITHAAAaAaaaa... YOu're not Tabitha." She sniffs. "Why are you wearing a dress?" She asked, climbing off of her.

"I.. like my dress?" She explains.

"Well, whatever. Such a shame, I could use a male tabaxi around to get the treasure..." She pointidly looks at Terra.

"Well," The bard saya through grit teeth, "Too bad there aren't any here."

"Look. You want those shinies? I'm in need of treasure. My coffers are running... well, not enough for my tastes, fuhuhuhuhu. So tell you what. Hire me. I charge five hundred gold for a battle." She spots the lute hanging behind Terra's neck. "Or... we could duel for it? I could give you a discount, saay... one platinum instead?" She smiled like a predator. Terra didn't fall for it.

"I know enough about money. I may not care about it, but even I know that is the same thi-"

"I'LL PAY JUST TO SEE THE DUEL!" Xavier interrupts with a drunken hiccup.

"Ooh, I'll have to sign the contract with him definitely." She muses as Terra hands her the old lute she used to use. "Okay. Are you ready? I'll go first. I'm something of a lute aficionado, you see. The music runs in my soul, you might even say."

This lit a fire in Terra's eyes the likes of which the party hadn't seen before. "You know nothing of music, I can tell by the way you hold the lute! Merely a poser!"

"Ha! Like you should be throwing THAT accusation around." Vivi says as she begins to play.


"Is that all?" Terra replied coolly. She began to strum, and the lute's magic sprang to life as it sounded like a full orchestra. In this moment, Terra has all the confidence and justice of what she does on her side, and it shows through her music.


Xavier, in the rather large audience that has gathered, feels a strange stirring in his chest. "YOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!" He yars as the epic force of Terra's playing causes a crack in his first sword.

"Wh-what?! NO! REMATCH!" Vivi exclaims!

"Bring it on." Terra says.

The next goes the same way, vivi's mediocre playing being no match for Terra's Orchestral Lute.

"That... was... good..." Vivi says with grit teeth. "Let me... inspect... your lute..." She reaches for it, but terra backs away.

"N-no. I don't feel comfortable with that." She backs up some more, but Vivi lunges with her claw open, and attempts to cut the string.

Fortunately for Terra, as soon as she touches it, a bolt of lightning streaks from it, shocking her and sending her back. "O-oof... dammit. Fine, I'll join you at the crow's expense." She says. "But first, can I borrow this for a bit? I won't sell it or pawn it or whatever."

"Fine, but I'm following you."

"Damn." Vivi complains as she sets up shop... and proceeds to play so bad that three people give her a whopping one gold each to let her not play again. "What? I don't... ugh, it must be you! Go on the other side or something and leave me alone." She says as she attempts to play again.

"Heh, look at you, thinking your a superstar. Let me show you... how the fuck it's done." Terra softly says to her before going to the opposite end of the marketplace. "Let me show you... what a real bard can do!" She says as she prepares.

A wannabe just looking for money, and a bard feeling challenged. The stage is set...
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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:05 am
And the stage is trashed. Vivi plays her heart out, but only manages to atract four people, who give her a combined total of 12 gold.

Terra, on the other hand, bursting with confidence, plays and manages to attract...

the whole rest of the town's population. Everyone, from baker's about to pull bread from their ovens, to patrons in the bar, to the apothecary, to the children playing in the streets, to the whole rest of the party! Terra is showered in gold from the village, coming out to a total of 350. Parading back to Vivi, Terra confidently smiles. "And that... is how it is done. Don't ever, "She takes the loaned lute back as she says this, "Try to tell me how to fucking do my job."

"Um, I'm really proud of you Terra, but Xavier has already started to leave to-" Tabitha starts to say, but is pounced upon by Vivi.


Tabitha, panicked, tries to make a small comment and run away, but Vivi chases her, Terra following.

"I LOST GOOD MEN THAT DAY! OVER HALF MY CREW! YOU BETTER PAY ME BACK! DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE FUNERAL COSTS A...AAAAhhhhh...AAAHHHHHHCHOOOOO!" Vivi suddenly sneezes and looks around at the town's exit. "Wha, what the he-" She spots Pandy the bear and her eyes go wide. "Oh no... Not bears! I'm Aller-CHOO!-gic to bears!"

"What." Nera asks, overhearing.

"Yeah, they give me the sneezes! HEY CROW! I'M ADDING AN ALLERGY FEE TO YOUR BILL!" Vivi yells at Xavier, who turns around and grins.

"Hey. If we keep NOT GETTING TO THE TREASURE, I'll gut every last one of you mateys, got it?" The kenku says, in a voice his party members had never heard him use before.

A shiver runs down Terra's back as the rest of the party, likely too shocked, keep marching forward.

"Good." He mutters as he sharpens his weapons.

They move out, Xavier, Pandy, and Terra leading. Xavier is posed on top of Pandy heroically, who, while annoyed and trying to half-ass shake him off, is actually not minding that much. Terra is riding in the wagon, and Vivi is right behind her.

"Who is this Buzz person anyways?" Vivi mentions with another sneeze.

"Oh, he's our wagon guy. Made this top of the line wagon and sold it to us very cheaply." Terra replies.

"This thing has got to be worth a fortune though."

"I was the one doing the talking." Terra smiles.

"Boy, remind me to watch you work sometime..."

This sparks a conversation between the two all about Vivi. She likes money because it helps make the world go round... and it helps her rig arena battles in Dunwall to make even more money. The more money she has, the better off her mercenary troupe is. She has no problem giving answers for free, since words are, in her opinion, not as effective as money. She also just doesn't want to be bothered with adding a walking charge. If she gets hit, even a scratch, she charges 5 gold, and every normal hit she does will be five gold. If she uses an actually ability, it'll be a huge amount of money... all out of Xavier's pocket, of course.

Then, Pandy smells roasted meat, and cannot control her urges and rockets forward, knocking both Xavier and Terra off. The group hurries after it! They see these blue skinned humanoids and Terra, while playing a song to calm Pandy, pleads for them to peacefully stop the bear!

They spring up and bones spring out from their elbows and they form a guard, as Pandy skids to a stop... so suddenly the cart topples over and loud crashes are heard.


"This is why I keep Slimy with me." Tabitha happily says, holding up her jar.

So the group, after helping the wagon up and making sure it's okay, sit down to see what exactly is going on here.
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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:06 am
The group causes a bit of commotion, Nera and Terra exchanging some quips that get them a few snickers from the caravan's members. Xavier belows out "DO NOT LAUGH! WE ARE PERFORMERS!"

This only causes the people to laugh harder. Indeed, such commotion is made that the tribe leader, an elderly old woman comes out. Though she is clearly struggling not to burst into laughter herself, she manages to reign her emotions in and gestures for the party to follow her.

This makes the caravan's members very weary of the party, though a few look away after Terra exclaims they mean no harm. They enter the tribe leaders caravan, and... the Tabaxis immediately get sidetracked upon entering, as a curtain of beads was in the way. The three play with it for a bit before a loud cough snaps them back to reality.

Gesturing to some cushions in front of her, the elder sets about throwing various things into a pot. The group sit down, with Xavier setting his blades on the pillow provided and sits himself on the floor.

(She prolly sounds like this, lesbehones.)


"Ah, I've been waiting for you all." The shaman says with a smile. "If you don't mind..." With that said, she addresses the group one by one.

"Nera... You have a great journey ahead of you. But what you are meaning to do right now... it is just the start, my dear." The halfling could only nod in response.

"Dale... You need to go back to the circle. I do not know if they will forgive you, but... Changes are imminent, and you could make a great difference there." Dale nods and mutters a swear under his breath. Clearly he wasn't looking forward to that.

"Sabrixia... This is a grave mission you and your friends are on. Try and bring a little more focus to the table, hm?" Tabby, off in her own world staring at the various decorations around the hut, startles and blushes.

"Vivian... You should not trust those you think are trustworthy."


"Not them. They are."

"My money is in danger, isn't it?"

"I will neither confirm nor deny that."


"Terra..." She breaks out into a shit-eating grin. "You have secrets your hiding from them. And not just one. How long do you think you can keep it up? Be careful, lest your inaction brings ruin." Terra uncomfortably shifts in her seat, a look of deep concern on her face.

"And... you...You are housing more than you know, yet you know exactly what you are doing, do you not?" She turns to Xavier, who blinks in confusion. "Ah, my apologies, not you Xavier. Eizen, come on now." This elicits confusion from the whole group.

"With that out of the way... There is something I must show you." With that, the embers and smoke coalesce into a form the party is far more familiar with; the Dracolich! It shifts and swirls into the shape of a volcano. "You do not have forever, I'm afraid. This mountain has been dormant for centuries, and it's sure to explode soon. If IT harnesses the power... it could mean very bad things for our world, do you understand? Luckily..." The smoke shifts once more to clear waters. "Where you are going, there may be a companion who is more than willing to help. Now, I'm getting a little tired. so-"

"Will my country be okay?!" Terra asks, clearly forcing it out.

The shaman elder smiles knowingly. "That depends... on the side you are on."

"You know which side I'm on..."She softly says to herself.

"My people, they are very... Isolationist. But still, if you need anything for the journey, they may be willing to barter with you. Pray, stay this night in safety and continue your journey in the morning." With that, the elder dismisses them and the party disperses to see what's up.

Xavier looks at the wagon. There's a little damage, but it's not too bad. He's more concerned with his flasks. Luckily, he finds two crates bundled tightly in the party's traveling clothes. The rest were not so lucky, being smashed everywhere. "Well, at least the wagon will be protected from undead for a while..." He mutters as he goes to clean up.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WON'T BARTER WITH ME?!" Viv's voice rings out. A couple minutes later... "FINE I DIDN'T NEED NO STUPID ARMOUR!" She grumbles and walks over to the weapon shop, and spots a trident. "Th-That Trident! Please I must have it! Look, I need it! Here's plenty of money, I swear! Just please give me that weapon!" She was practically begging, and thus the caravan took pity on her. After accepting a bag of platinum, they put some into a counterfeit checking machine... and find that ten of her coins were fakes!

"What?! NO! My money! Grr... I have an orphan to deal with back in Dunwall!" She exclaims before digging out more money and tossing it on the counter. Somewhat touched by her sincerity, they don't bother checking this time, and give her the trident.

Terra is looking at some miscellaneous supplies when Vivi walks up. "Three bundles of rope please!"

"Fifty Platinum each."

"Errrr, how about... fourty? For one? I'm rich... just not here." Terra tries to hide a facepalm at Vivi's horrible bartering attempts, but they are both interrupted by Xavier. "I'll take the ropes just so she won't have them!" He says, placing down one of his diamonds.

The Caravaners' eyes go wide and they pick it up, inspecting it. "This... this is not diamonds! This is Moonstone! Far more valuable!"

"FUCK!" The astral dwarf yells, storming away and muttering.

"Here sir! Take the ropes! and thirty pounds of freshly smoked meat!"

Vivian grumbles and storms off toward the centre of the circle. The caravaners laugh.

Terra, looking around, spots a cloak of displacement and her eyes light up. "I... I want that cloak please!"

After some haggling, they come to a half agreement: fifty platinum, she performs tonight, and she pisses off the Dragoon. Terra gives a mischievous smile and leans in, as if to let them in on a secret. "Look, last town we were in, this incomptent ass thinks she can outplay me, thinking I was some amateur, and that it's just an easy way to earn money. I whooped her thrice. She's not getting anymore angry at me than she already is."

The three share a good laugh at that, and they agree to drop it just a little more. "Mm, your offer is most generous, but I just don't carry that much on me. Now let me see what all I so ha-"

"TERRA NEEDS A THING?! CATCH!" Came Xavier's voice as a moonstone comes sailing out of the air, smacking Terra on the head, and bouncing between the two traders.

"Ooow..." She says, rubbing her head.

They laugh their asses off, and then focus on the moonstone. Snatching it up, they hand her the cloak and tell her not to worry about performing tonight.

She does it anyways, and the next morning, they set off!
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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:06 am
The ride is uneventful until they get to a bridge, where the group hears a commotion under it, looking down, Terra's eyes go wide and she pulls out a knife and fork. "Tabby, Vivi... it's fish time." She says, and the three cats leap down.

"GET THE BLOODY HELL OFF ME!" The thing says, cutting some of the seaweed.

Nera rushes down to the river to get a closer look...


"GET THIS BLOODY THING OOOOOFFFF!!!!" He slashes at the seaweed and flops on to the bank. "Finally!" He straightens up and points his sword at the cats.

"BACK OFF I'M NOT FOOD!" He warns.

"It's okay, they don't mean to harm you."Nera says, convincing Terra to put down the fork.

"Oh, okay." The Triton immediately puts down his weapon. "I'm Zelos!"

Vivian, Xavier, and Dale all huddle together with evil grins on their faces, seeing how readily he accepted her word.

"You know," Vivi whispered. "Some tritons are known for being incredibly stu-er, gullible. Especially if it comes to customs, since they are almost always under the sea."

"Oh, we're going to fuck with this one, aren't we?" Xavier said in his gravelly voice.

"Wouldn't have it any other way." Dale says as they proceed to tell Zelos various lies about the world, all of which he accepts with a smile and a nod. This includes giving a kenku a scale every morning, saying Woof and lifting your hand like a paw to greet everyone that isn't a tabaxi, to tabaxis you greet them with a nya, anytime a halfling crosses your path you have to squeeze their breast with the exception of Nera, and many MANY other lies.

With a new companion in tow, they come to another town. It's recently been hit by an earthquake, but everyone is okay, for the most part. Terra keeps an ear out for rumours of Rose Petal lake, and comes to learn that there may be something in the center.

Meanwhile, Zelos notices a brothel in town. "What is that?"

Xavier in his gruff voice responds. "Ah, every time you see one of those, you go in and ask for the biggest of the big. Then, you just do what they say."

So Zelos does so, to be met with, at the end of it all...


Realizing what happened, he nopes out of there, saying he had tadpoles. As he leaves, he passes by a halfling and squeezed, only to be slapped away. Nera, who was in the brothel because OF COURSE SHE WOULD BE, tried to pick her up, only to also be rebuked.

After a quick night at the inn, the group sets out yet again!
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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:06 am
As they are travelling, they come across of group of four kobolds, all eager for a fight! Xavier takes a moment to pull Zelos to the side. "Okay, new custom for you to remember. If you're a guy, the first thing you do is aim for their groin, got it?" He asks, and, upon receiving a nod in confirmation, charge into battle and uppercuts a kobold right in his nether regions.

The kobold, unamused, pulls out some brass knuckles and slips them on. "Alright, if you wanna play it that way!" And punches him back! Fortunately, he misses.

Pandy charges in and goes to bite a kobold in the groin, understanding her partner's intent to fuck with Zelos, and sadly misses. Zelos, understanding, goes to slice one right there sure enough, and manages to kill one.

Nera unsheathes Dixon and slashes mightily, her foe taking a strong hit to the stomache. And then, Dixon gave a mighty shudder and SHOT OUT A SPLOOGE OF WHITE ACID, BURNING THE KOBOLD TO NAUGHT MORE THAN A SKELETON!

Terra, knowing her friend's got this, strums her lute to encourage Xavier, who picks up the leather clad kobold by the throat and SLAMS him down to the ground. He's bleeding badly, but he gets up.

"Well..."He says as his bloody throat heals up and starts glowing. "I can see This... This is going to be FUN!" He laughs as he tosses a smokebomb and disappears.

This causes his companion to freak out and start running away, after Pandy tries to use the cart as a weapon, and misses.

Nera aims her bow and launches an arrow, killing it. A short looting of the bodies reveals two amulets of Scrying, one dropped by the leader and one on another kobold. Clearly the party wouldn't be getting in touch with him easily.

"Oh I'll remember this! I'll take you down the SAME WAY!" Xavier yells in his gravelly voice. Having found both amulets, he gives one to Terra. "I only need one, and well, all kitty cats need a bell, hm?"

"You racist fu-"

"Hush Vivi, he meant it in a good way." Terra says as they continue on.

They come across a jetty, with a lone old fisherman in a shack next to it. "Hey! You need a ride? That'll be thirty five gold an hour!"


Terra tries to persuade him to let them go for free because HOLY MISSION, but the old man doesn't even so much as blink in her direction. Xavier, taking a look at the rinky dink boat, gets a fire in his eyes and marches right up to him. "You listen here you sodding old cod," He began in his gravelly voice, "I don't give a parrots ass if there's sea creatures right out there ready to eat us! I see the state of your so-called-ship, and let me tell ya, that rinky dink LIFEBOAT would sooner sink than even make it halfway there! So because we are RISKING OUR LIVES on your SHODDY repair work, cur, you WILL let us pass without so much as a copper!"

The old man stared him down. "You haven't seen the horrors I have, whelp! I know what's out there, and that boat's all I got. So you ARE going to pay. 35 gold, three hours max, you got that, sonny?"

Xavier didn't even flinch as he stared back. "Fine. But your ship is a wreck, truly it is. So I'll go about fixing it for you, and we'll see if maybe we get something after I'm done." He angrily slams some money down on the counter. "Come." He says, ushering everyone to the ferry.

"And WE! ARE OFF!" Xavier dramatically exclaims, unsheathing his Daicho and pointing it, posing off the bow.

And that's when Davy Jones locker broke loose...
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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:07 am

A dark beam emanates from Xavier's daicho, and a shattering is heard. The weapon broke, and a dark cloud envelopes Xavier. when it rises, he's still there, but his stance is off. "Heh heh heh heh..." His gravelly voice came. "I'm finally free! and... ugh, who uses a fucking kimono?!" He rips it off and tosses it upwards...

And there it remains, floating in the air. "CAN IT BE?!" Comes a familiar heroic voice from the kimono, now hovering in the air.

"What." Came from Nera, the others lookin on in confusion.

"Heh heh heh, poor little lost souls. But it's no wonder now is it? You ARE on a ship, and the only here with any know-how is me."

A moment of silence, then Terra's eyes widened in realization. "Eizen?"

"That's my fuckin name."

Terra looks up. "And this Kimono is..."

"I AM XAVIER VON GESH!" He bellows. "Please, permit me to explain!"

"You do that, I'll let us NOT SINK!" Eizen proclaims as he starts to fix the ship, dragging Tabitha down to help him.

"You see, I've been trapped in that blade for 200 years before someone picked me up. In my life, I was a proud warrior. In one fight, I was rendered near useless without my trusty katanas. So I had to make a retreat, and I stumbled into a castle. I picked up the first weapon I found, and bid my time. Within a day, I was trapped in there. Of course, my body was still there, so I definitely DEFINITELY died... and then no one, not ONE person picked up my blade. Until our new pirate friend did, of course."

"Friend, ha." Eizen mutters as he, now naked, puts on some trousers. "Mm, a rusty cutlass eh? Maybe I'll just fist em all."

"Snrk." Nera covers her mouth as Eizen draws his blade on her.

"Do not make me toss ye o'erboard."


"Anyways."Xavier said, waving a... sleeve..." So then I took over his body, due to the curse. I've journeyed for seven years to figure out a way to get back my own body, or at least break the curse somehow. It's why I wound up joining the guild. And then I got a taste of alcohol, and well, Eizen had a bit of control back there, heh. You see, short of sake, I don't drink."

"YOU CUR!" Comes Eizen's voice as he tosses some stairs aside. "You, artist! I found some pink paint!" Tabby nods, pulls out her brush, and gets to work.

"Hey, Sake is all we needed. You know it means water in my language? Even the babes were raised on it!"

"Wait..." Terra says, looking between the two.

"Oooh, the little kitty cat is having trouble wrapping their brain around it. Well they do say females are smarter..." Vivi quips. "Though since that's the case, does that mean my contract is null and vo-" The contract floats up from her pockets and magically rips itself into shreds. "MOTHER FU-"

A twitch of Terra's nose. "No, I understand that. But... does Eizen know what's going on? How did the blade break? And how, if it and therefor the curse, is broken, is Xavier still around?"

"Well I DONT GOT ANYWHERE ELSE TO GO RIGHT NOW LASSIE!" Eizen yells as he replaces a plank. "You, body stealer!" The kimono kinda bends down.


The damnable dark blast cut the sails! We haven't been going anywhere! So make like a sail so we can GET TO OUR DESTINATION!"

Xavier salutes with his sleeve and latches on as the wind picks up, blowing them forth.

"So the thing is, the blade breaks when the soul inside it is in enough control and is hit with nostalgia. When you played that pirate theme, a large crack happened. and on this ship, the lake in my nose... it was just enough for the memories to trigger. But the thing is... I, am a samurai. I am bound to protect those I chose and see their duty through to the end! I guess that feeling was just so strong, my soul HAD to help some how. So.. here I am! Kinda."

"Well, we're glad to have you!" Terra says with a smile.

Suddenly, the water ripples and a shrine slooooooowly comes into view from the bottom of the ocean

"HEY! YA OLD BASTARD! TAKE A LOOK!" Eizen yells out.

The old fisherman storms out of his cabin "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL YA WANT YA SODDING CU-" His lazy eye focuses for just one second, he yells, and runs back into his shack.

"I'm so not paying him." Eizen mutters. "The ship's certainly enough."

And with that...

One halfling paladin, on a quest to find herself and her destiny...

One Human mage, thoughts of the Circle on his mind...

One Tabaxi Ranger, head in the clouds and heart open to friendship...

One Kenku Pirate, freshly freed and eager for blood...

One Tabaxi Dragoon, concerned with possibly losing her fortune...

One Triton Spellblade, eager for learning all about the world whilst saving it...

One Living Armour Samurai, sincere about protecting his friends... (Image is literally the same one, I hit an image limit uploading this hahahaha)

And a Half-Tabaxi Bard, secretly distraught about her country...

Begin to enter the shrine toward Nera's destiny, and Eizen's treasure...

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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:08 am
As they come to the entrance, fresh water still rolling off the spire clearing up some of the gunk and algae, Nera takes a look at the tower and sees, off to the side, the word 'dragons'.

"This aura," She states, "it feels like home for some reason..."

"Really?" Vivi questions. "I feel threatened."

The rest of the party didn't really feel anything. Except Tabitha, who felt like she needed to stay near the boat. "Just in case."

Nera looks closely. "I.. I remember something... The fire that burns within burns pure?" As she says this, the gate keeping the doors closed open. Inside, the party sees some flame sconces. Terra and Zelos light them at the same time, and they chain light up the rest of the tower. There's a giant pit in the middle, but after Xavier borrowing and then throwing a torch from Terra into it, it seems endless.

"Well I'm not going down there." He mutters as the party clambers up the stairs. They eventually climb up and enter another room full of books. Clearly it used to be a library. Vivian takes a look at a book, reading to herself.

"And it turns out that there were... DRAGOONS HIRED BY THE DRAGONS TO CLEAR OUT THE BAD ONES AH!"

"Hey Viv, whatcha Reading?" Nera peeks over her shoulder, only for Vivi to SLAM the book shut and it crumble into dust.

"NOTHING!" She says, huffing off.

Eizen, desperate for shinies, starts knocking over bookshelves. He winds up knocking one unto his foot, and in his anger, knocks over another one, which hits and breaks a table, as well as a book that Terra was reading. In another fit, he knocks down yet another bookshelf, and a door appears behind one.

"A DOOR?! I DONT NEED A STINKIN DOOR!" He mutters, going to put that one back. But Xavier stops him and opens the door.

"It's dark in here... Everyone, come look." He motions with his... cape. Most the party does.

"Wow sure enough, I can't see a thing."

"I've got this." Nera summons up a ball of light and it brightens up the room. Terra briefly sees a ... something phase out of existence out of the corner of her eye, and stares at where it was until rattling chains get her attention.

"Please help me." She says.

"Oh my gosh are you okay?!" Nera running toward the Harpy.

"Do I look okay?!" She asks, before clearing her throat. "Sorry, just been locked up in a dark, can't-see-for-shit, tower ever since I could remember. But yeah no I'm fine. Plenty of... mice around here, I guess."

in an effort to break her from her chains, Eizen goes to slash at them, but is met with a bolt of lightning for his trouble.

Nera thinks on how she entered. "Hmm... The Fire that Burns Within Burns Pure?" She tests out, touching the chain. It glows, and in a burst of light the parts holding her captive fizzle out, freeing her.

"Ah, finally. Nothing to even do for fun around here." She mutters, rubbing her arm.

"Ah, we should all introduce ourselves!" Nera says. The party, minus Vivi and Eizen, who have gone on-Eizen to knock down a few more bookshelves, of course, start to introduce themselves with their name and basic abilities.

"I see. I am Sophellia, a Bloodhunter. You may call me Sophie."

"A bloodhunter?" Dale questions.

"Indeed. Fiends fear me, for I know how they taste. How they smell... How they bleed."

"Well, Sophie. The biggest update on the world today is... Well we accidentally unleashed an evil Dracolich so now we must put it down or else the world could be destroyed." Terra pipes up. "Ya want in?"

"Well I currently don't have much of a choice now do I? Safety in numbers and whatnot." The harpy snarks.

So the party starts climbing the next stairway, with Eizen giving one last bookshelf a shove. Terra tries to find out something about Sophie, but she cannot recall anything of importants, since "Again, EVER SINCE I CAN REMEMBER ITS BEEN DARK AND I COULD ONLY MOVE FIVE FEET AWAY IN TOTAL! DARKNESS!"

Going to the next, double doors block the way in. Eizen, in full 'I have my body back I'm going to push it to the limit' mode, runs back and FUCKING DROPKICKS THE DOOR, CRASHING THROUGH IT WITH A LOUD "CA-KAW MOTHERFUCKER!"

"Nice, but hey. You open a door like this." Sophie snarks yet again, opening the other door normally. "Huh? Who's Buzz the Woodsmith?"

"What?!" Terra says, looking in the corner to see the same bumper sticker branding that is on the party's wagon. "What the..."

The rest of the part briefly looks around, but there didn't seem to be too much here.

"Hey..."Eizen said, getting up. "Do you guys hear..." He turns around, certain he heard chittering..


"Mgfmm.." Is all he makes out as he feels poison flow into his blood, and not the Alchohol kind of poison that it would be used to, and he passes out, bleeding everywhere.

The party, hearing a loud snap, all turn to attention and enter battle!

The first thing that Viv does is search for a ledge, but they are all occupied by web. Terra springs to Eizen's defence and heals him, but he's still a little woozy. The Spider goes to snatch Sophie, but just misses.

Zelos goes to toss a fireball, but he also misses. Nera goes to shoot it, dealing a little bit of damage.

"Ah, now watch me... work. " She slides her finger down the edge of her blade and a blinding light shines through it.

"Howd you know that if you were..." Dale begins to question, only to be quickly shouted down.


Watching as the spider fizzles out of existence, the party goes on watch.

Eventually, it phases back in, and Vivi and Sophie launch prepared attacks on it, wounding it badly.

Eizen, rather than just asking for it, is true to his pirate routes and just steals a health potion from Terra. He downs it and, in a fit of murderous rage, cleaves a leg off the damnable thing and jams his blade in the wound. It keels over and does the dead spider thing, and Eizen gets to stabbing its corpse, reminding the party of Tak.

The party go on to explore. Terra, finally using her knife to cut open something, finds some money and a rapier.

Eizen, after having finished his stabbing fit, cuts it open...more... and finds some gold.

Sophie opens another one and also finds some gold.

Vivi leaps on a ledge and spots some spider eggs. Not saying a DAMN WORD, she slooowly leaps off.

Xavier uses some of the spider webbing to reinforce his armour and make small indicators of his shoes, hands, and face.

There's a few antics with a treasure chest covered in web, but just as the party opens it,  a loud scream comes from Nera, having cut open the last of the webbed things.

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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Mon Oct 08, 2018 8:28 pm
Nera's hysteria attracts the other party members, and she explains who that person was to her. The decent members of the party offer their condolences. Xavier tries to open the chest, but finds it locked. He hits it with his blade, but it just vibrates. Viv cries in frustration. Terra looks for a key for the now freed chest, and finds it as rather interesting dialogue was occurring.

"What the bloody hell was that?!" Zelos asks to the party.

"Mutated crab." Eizen says, no trace of sarcasm in his voice.

"I'll say!"

"Yeah, we call them Spiders. They aren't fun." Dale shudders a bit as Terra unlocks the chest and pockets a moonstone. Nera, having slipped her husband's ring  on her necklace, pockets 24 moonstone. Eizen pockets 12 platinum, much to the chagrin of Zelos, who believed they could split it.

"Pirate tax." The Kenku said, pocketing it and two flasks.

Viv pockets the remaining thieve's kit. The party discuss their next move. Xavier is ready to go up, but the party determines that taking a rest would be the better idea. Vivi pockets some spider eggs, but everyone notices her pocket something. "Diamonds." She passes off. Most the party believe it. Terra, on the other hand...

"Those weren't diamonds." She says as the group goes back into the library, Vivi chucking the eggs back in the room where Sophie was.

"A business investment is what they were.. do you not believe me, mister?" Vivi hisses that last word, the rest of the party oblivious as they half-ass set up a camp.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Terra hisses back. "Those.. they're something dangerous, I know that. And you think they're just going to be safe?"

"Relax. Those spider eggs won't even hatch. Consider it safekeeping for later." Vivi admits, again to an oblivious party minus one half-tabaxi.

"Hmph. If you truly think they won't get through the cracks..." Terra turns and sets up her own little nook and cranny.

The rest passes uneventfully, Vivi watching her bookcase and Zelos bonding to his weapons on his watch.

The party wakes the next morning and goes to the top of the spire. Seeing iron doors, our favourite reckless kenku charges at it with his signature dropkick! "CA-CAW MOTHER FUCKER!" He yells... as his foot collides against the door, he falls and stumbles back down the stairway. Nera sighs and gently opens the door...

"Ah, there you are." A voice comes from within the room, and sunlight creeps its way down, revealing a man in armour not unlike what the party had seen on lower floors, but darkened. Nera instantly recognized him as her mentor. "And to think, it only took you eight hundred years." He said with a soft smile.

"Fuck this means im old as dirt." Sophie piped up from the back.

"Eighthunwhatnow?" Nera asks. Pushing that aside, she has a more concerning question for the man. "You... did you do that to my husband."

"No, I did not. After... a while, lets say, a spider moved in... you should be pleased to know that he was likely the last one to put up a fight. But, regardless... the queen has been waiting..." With a slightly sinister chuckle, the man crushes something in his hand, and disappears.

Concealed behind him in the shadow, a large, pulsing purple egg.

Viv immediately jumps into action. Literally, she jumps up into a crossbeam and sits down, watching and waiting.

Zelos lets out a Mystic Blast, which serves to just create a hole in the spire.

Dale lets fire four Magic Missiles! They hit the egg, which causes the shell to look a little less pretty.

Terra Paces a bit, but believes earnestly that the party can do it, and strums her loot. Her allies seem inspired!

Xavier floats his way toward it, drawing his sword.

Eizen, almost right behind him, comes charging with a dropkick to push him further... but misses. "CA-CAW MOTHERFU-Whoa!" He slides a little forward.

Nera, filled with sudden clarity, runs up and BREATHES LIGHTNING STRAIGHT TO THE EGG! "Oh, right, i can do that!"

The Egg wiggles seductively.

Viv watches carefully.

Zelos tries again and creates another hole.

Dale goes for a fireball, but just misses.

Terra gets a little closer, thinking.

Xavier floats all the way to it and chucks two books that got stuck to him. Unfortunately, one turns to dust and the other bonks him in the shoulder.

Eizen chucks alchemist fire, but he misses the egg and the flames create a cool backdrop.

Nera spends a few seconds breathing small sparks of electricity out her mouth, then lets loose with another bolt!

The egg wiggles seductively. Xavier seems to find it fascinating!

Viv still watches.

Dale and Zelos miss with their spells!

Terra gets juuust close enough... "Okay, I've felt this chord... Let's test it out!" With a dramatic flourish, she plays Thunderous Orchestra, and a lightning bolt streaks out toward the egg! "Hahaha, yes!"

Xavier appears to try to slash the egg, wiffing.

Eizen, ever the pirate, decides to play it risky and get close enough to Terra to steal her rapier. He reaches for it... and grabs her rear.

"NYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH NONONONONONONONO JUST TAKE THE DAMN SWORD FUCKIN AAHGHGHGHGH!" Came the ear-piercing scream from the cat, who chucks the rapier right into his toe.

Nera, on a roll, does it again!

Vivi, crying with laughter and burning with an urge to not let "That punk ass bitch" show her up, harnesses her Dragoon training and plummets down, hoping to move the egg. Due to the laughter tears, she misses the egg completely and Xavier winds up getting pushed away from it, Vivi getting near the egg now.

The mages keep casting spells, and keep missing, putting on a hell of a show with their spells going through the holes Zelos made.

Terra slaps Eizen and stomps off to the other side of the thankfully large room.

Xavier goes to almost attack himself, but misses.

Eizen, deciding third times the charm, rears back and comes chargin at Xavier. "CA-CAW MOTHERFUCKER!" He roars, pinning the living armour and seemingly snapping him out of it.  Xavier, as if a reaction, tosses a holy water vial on the egg. it glistens like money.

Nera does more lightning breath.

The egg Seductively wiggles. With it glistening like money, Vivi, knowing damn well what she was being forced to do, silently falls under its spell.

That instant, she stabs her toe with her spear.

The mages miss more.

Terra strums, hoping for another strike, but it arcs rather impressively and misses the egg.

Xavier gets out from under Eizen.

Eizen has the idea of going to the bookshelf, scooping up an armful of books, and CHUCKING THEM AT THE DAMN EGG. It causes quite a lot of damage, and the shell takes on a festering purple colour.

"Bastard stole my idea." Xavier mutters.

Nera does yet another lightning breath.

Vivi hits herself again, and then her eyes light up. "Ah, better."

The mages miss.

Terra strums, but she can't seem to find the right cord to summon the thundah.

Xavier, not wanting to be outdone, chucks his sword and it jams to nearly the hilt on the egg. Eizen follows suit with books, and the cavalcade of books seem to seriously damage the egg.

With one last triumphant roar, as images of her life she once had flash before her eyes, Nera lets out one final, ear-splitting thunder breath, and kills the egg, causing it to shatter.

Vivi wastes no time and stabs the hell out of the small, lifeless black baby dragon that was in the egg. She also takes two malformed horns and about a dozen teeth, saying she has a very good reason for doing so, even as Xavier bemoans the fact that that skin could have made some great armour.

Suddenly, a blinding light shines through the window, and Nera's deity appears, ready to speak with her...

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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Tue Nov 06, 2018 7:47 pm
Disregard that last line.

So the party clambers down the tower... and finds out that Tabby must have rowed the boat back and went on her way, likely assuming the party all died. Wondering how to get across (Excepting Eizen and Zelos, who were ready to start swimming), suddenly Hlal actually appears in front of the party. Being a goddess, Nera can't help but start flirting and making suggestive motions and sounds. Hlal, both amused and annoyed at her follower, snaps her fingers. An expression comes across NEra's face and she is eerily quiet. "So, it appears one more has left your party, hm? And now you are stuck here, yes? Well... I can give you some help, as a small reward for helping to awaken my follower. LEt's see, where shall I put you... ah. Here."

And with a wave of her hand, a pink wind swirls around the party, and they find themselves a couple miles infront of Ormkirk, the Dwarven capital. Most the party immediately go quiet and start trudgin. Notably, Terra is not strumming her lute, and seems beaten down in this environ. They get to the gate and... Terra is too hot to try and convince them. As the functioning party members mull over what to do, a scream echoes throughout and Rodney, the dwarf who is cursed to forever hold a Rod of Wonders, crashes into the gate. "Fuck, ow, goddammit... Mm? Oh hey nice to see you guys again. They need in, right? Let em in boys!"

So the gates open. Mercifully for Terra (and Zelos, who was practically steaming), the city is ventilated. Wondering where to go, a guard pipes up and informs the group of the general layabout of the city, as well as the important events going on: A tavern in the Cloud District has a drinking contest after the Tournament in the pit tomorrow. Informing them of where the shopping district was, the group set off to make preparations, going their own ways.

Nera just passes time in the Red Light district, because of course. Eizen does... Well no one is sure, but he comes back with some new duds and a flask in hand. Curiously, there is a flask pocket in the threads. With a flask in it. Terra, Xavier, Dale, and Vivian go to get Sophia some better threads, as well as Dale wanting some. Dale finds himself in a bit of a pinch, however. So...

"Hey. You need this, right?" Viv asked him, tossing the robes back and forth in her hand.


"And you can't haggle for it?"

"Er, no." Dale admitted, even as a chill ran up his spine. He knew what he was about to get into, but he was too squishy otherwise.

"I assume you're smart enough to know where this is going. Soooo" Viv pulls out a contract. " Sign here, here, here, initial here, sniff that, don't sign that, sign this, aaaand we're good. You now owe me enough gold to pay it back with interest. I'll be collecting every week."

Defeated, Dale puts on his new robes... and is a little horrified at what Vivi had just done, though he shook it off as him being a victim.

Terra just pays for Sophie a new outfit. "I know what it's like to want to be pretty." She mumbles softly to herself.

Eventually the party gather around again, somewhat rested. "Right, the pit then?" Everyone minus Terra nodded, and away they went. They saw two other groups, one regal looking and the other just looking like coal miners. "Hey." The attendant said. "You guys want in? Give me some gold to sweeten the pot, ye?" Eizen, confident in his bloodlust, plucks out some money (Where he got THAT, no one is sure either) and heads inside after the attendant explained the rules.

The other teams were up first. The Crimson Royals were up against two snakes, and, although they got one down, the other went to a rage and killed all of them.

The Coal Miners efficiently dispatched their first foes, some knolls and the like, with no casualties.

Finally, the attendant (who seems to be the only one in the Pit) runs up to the group. "Fuckin... Damn... they gotta... get some new people here...Give.. Give me a minute... uh... think of a name in the bit, okay?"

The party lightly discuss names, but Nera, in a burst of inspiration from her Diety, shouts out "The Drakengard!"

"Um... Nera, we're literally trying to save the world FROM dragons, not..."

"Exactly! Guarding the world from the forces of Drakens!"


"ALRIGHT SO ITS SETTLED DONE!" With that he runs off and announces them, bidding them into the arena.

So they go in, and the Doors BANG open... and smaller doors behind it just... wait.

So the party waits with baited breath...

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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:47 pm
And after a minute of psyching them out, some weird blue chicken/praying manti/scyther combinations come out.

The battle is bloody, multiple members of the party taking some pretty serious wounds. Terra heals the party very minorly, but ecentually, some how, the party manages to win. Sophie takes a sigh of relief. "Phew. Being intimidating and big is exhausting."

"Sophie. They were blind." Xavier gently reminds her.


Some clerics fully heal the party as they get back to their tent. They watch as the Coalminers fight an old blue, clipped wings wyvern. It knocks out all but three of the party, but they are victorious.

"Oof, I hope we don't have to fight that..." Terra says softly.

"I'd love to fight it!" Vivi says as she polishes her spear.

Afterward, they are ushered in and the doors immediately open, tossing out some dwarves, unarmoured and unarmed.

"Drakengard! Begin your second match!"

The dwarves immediately change into... werecorgis.

"They may be adorable! But they are still deadly! Everyone! I believe in you!" Terra says as she strums her Lute, and the party feel inspired! So inspired, in fact, that Eizen decides to chuck a flask of alchemist's fire right to the middle front one. It spreads and now ALL THE WERECORGIS ARE ON FIRE AAAHHHHH.

Sophie, in a bold move, dispatches one by RIPPING OUT IT'S SPINE!

Nera and Zelos dispatch two efficiently.and quickly.

Eizen, surrounded by the last three,, roars and crushes the two in front of him, then spins around and punts the last werecorgi to death over to the bodies of his former team.

"KENKU! KENKU! KENKU!" Comes the roars of applause as Eizen did incredibly badass in the fight.

"THE NAME! IS EIZEN QROWE, THE DREAD PIRATE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" He bathed in adulation for a bit, and then the party was ushered away, to see the few coalminors left fight.

They are up against an ogre. Eventually it grabs one dwarf by the head and crushes them. The coalminors eventually when, but at such a heavy cost they decide to withdraw.

"Right. Well we still have some monsters in the pit, so... Eizen and Drakengard, get on out there and clean em up!"

And they do so gloriously, with Vivian Comet impacting two baby snakes right into the barrier protecting the audience, and nearly killing the mother, the wounded snake from earlier. Dale goes to flash a fireball at it, but misses. Zelos however, blasts a hole through her. The party watches as her heart beats once. twice. Then stops. She falls down, and the crowd goes wild.

Naturally, Nera decides to flash her tits as a victory celebration. Terra plays a victory fanfare. and Eizen looks perfectly at home. They are lead to a viewing pit above it, and the mc proudly announces "THE VICTORS... DRAKENGARD!" Everyone is happy. Terra even does a cute little Nya and pose. Eizen is celebrating by drinking from another flask... amusingly a different colour than the ones he previously had. Eventually they are lead to their reward. 750 gold for each party member, and two knuckles. Eizen immediately grabs them. "They cheered for ME. And none of you guys hit as muchas I do,"

The party concede the point, and are escorted to the tavern in the cloud district...

also known as Eizen's favourite place...

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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:32 pm
After a round of applause from everyone currently in the tavern, the barmaid gets right to the point. "Alight! So here we are doin our Every other daily Drinking contest! Now, Roger died, so..."

Eizen was quick to point that he was already sitting down and FUCKING READY! "Ah, okay. How about Smokey and the Gnolls! Whataya say?!"

"The fucks a gnoll going to do?" Zelos snarked, only to be swiftly put in his place by an expert karate technique by a gnoll, Smokey.

"Now, I haven't had a good foe in a while."

"I'll do it!" Eizen hiccuped happily.

"I got thirty fi-"

"800 gold!" Eizen booms out, placing a pouch on a table.

"I'll match." Smokey said confident.

"Now, which of you two fuckers wants to warm the mugs?" Eizen said, turning to his party. Everyone muttered noncommital noises, except Terra, who was tuning her lute ready to provide "Battle" music. Vivian and Nera volunteer, and then the fun starts.

Nera and a Dwarf, Lydia, are up first. The first mug goes to Lydia. The second to Nera. The third, Nera almost upchucked. "My bad, My bad. I'm not used to this type... Heeey guuurl you're cute."

Sophie drags the sloshed Nera away, and Vivian is up against the unnamed Gnoll. The gnoll puts up a fight, but Vivi just barely wins.

And then Smokey and Eizen stared off. Terra changed her tune to something more appropriate.

Eizen takes the first mug! Smokey downs the next! Eizen downs the third, but Smokey is just seconds behind! He was looking a little woozy, but now he's right up! "NO! We're going until one of us passes out!" Eizen snarls as the barmaid shrugs and slides more mugs their way. The fourth one they tie at the EXACT same time. "Aye.. You're great, truly ye Are. But.. I am EIZEN MOTHERFUCKIN QROWE, AND I DO NOT LOSE DRINKING CONTESTS! GWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"He barely even looks drunk." Zelos whispered.

"Judging by the trail of flasks he leaves in this city alone, I assume he's almost constantly drunk." Sophie offers to the Triton. "So he really does have the advantage. Truthfully I'd hate to see him sober."

"Well then. Here/. we. GO!" SMokey said, and the two contestants raised their mugs at the same time.

Unfortunately, Smokey raised his right into his face, and passed the fuck out right onto the floor with a loud thunk.

The party celebrates loudly! "GWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! IT'S ALL MINE BOYS!" Eizen said, putting his winnings in his pocket.. and promptly blacking the fuck out.

"Wow. We finally got him to black out. Damn." Vivi mutters her approval, and the party goes to bed for the night after some minor money talk.

And then they were all woken from their slumber! Vivi was screaming, and kicked the door to another room open.


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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Thu Nov 15, 2018 7:18 pm
The party congregates downstairs, mostly at spearpoint. Eizen's already down there, muttering darkly and cracking his knuckles. Notably the tavern is looking like a tornado came through it. Nera though she isn't as dark or bloodlusty as the other two, is expressing mild concern.

"What the hell are you guys doing to my ta-"

"WHERE! IS! MY! MONEY!" Vivi roars.

"Oh dear. It happened again. And to the wrong people this time, I see." The barmaid calmly responded. "I'm not telling you to go to the slums, buuut...."

Vivian took off like a rocket, barreling toward the cliff. She leaps up, falls for a bit, slams her trident into a wall for purchase, does a gymnastic flip, pries her trident out, and barrels down, landing a few feet from the elevator... which immediately opened. "You have now entered  the bottom floor." Piped a gnoll from the top of the elevator. "Have a nice day!"

"How the fu-"

"They are engineers, Viv." Dale says. "They can go fast."

"...Right. Well, only one thing to do!" Viv took off, BANG BANG BANGing on every door like surface she can, only to immediately zoom off. She knows what her money smells like. The rest of the party go to look around, Eizen and Nera entering an alley where the kenku thought he had seen someone dart down. After a small investigation check, he finds nothing and punches the stone wall next to it, leaving "Thoughts" and "Prayers" imprinted on the stony surface. Nera, taking a closer look, finds a manhole and pries it open. "Hey, it looks like someone went down this  ho-" A BLUR OF VIVI flies past her and jumps in the hole, plummeting down. Eizen follows, and the two see tracks. the kenku notices one looks slightly lizardly, and a near audible click and understanding dawns on his eyes. Without another word, he takes off in that direction, and Vivi follows the more human like ones. Eizen, thinking for once, pulls out the Scrype amulet. "SEWERS!" He says, sprinting.

Terra gasps as the audio comes through her part of it, and manages to ask someone for directions. "You... aren't with the crazy cat lady, are you?" The resident asks. While Terra puts on a face of shame, Xavier responds heroically.

"Indeed we are! So we need directions so we might make her pay for her crimes!"

"Err... there's a manhole there. Imgunnagobye." The resident took off.

So the rest of the party manages to get in the sewers. Terra, with Sophie holding on, bolts off in the direction of Eizen, fearing he may be killing someone today.

The rest of the party follows in Vivi's tracks.

Eventually, Eizen comes to a room with a few supplies and a bookshelf. He trashes the supplies and moves the book case, bolting in the room that appeared. Terra just barely gets there, and Sophie jumps in behind him while the bard stays behind, in case it was a trap.

On the other party's side, Viv is wading in a shit pool, looking for a button. Nera, having caught up, looks and points toward a stone slab that was a bit out of place. In a move that would prolly make Eizen proud and Jealous, she does a flip in the air, and dropkicks the button, which opens a door. She bolts in and runs into Eizen. The two snarl as all the party, minus Terra, are in the room... which is now closed up, and very very dark.

After Eizen ambushes a figure in the dark, chokeslamming it like he did a kobold, it's just straw. A voice comes out, taunting the party. Vivi tosses some shuriken, but just clatter against the wall, except one which lodges in a a torch. Finally, recognition dawns in the voice. "Ah, shit. ZEL! We got the wrong guys! These are the guys that wanna kill me!"

"Well it's not my fault."

"You were the one who robbed them!"

"You were the one who told me when and what seats!"

"HEY!" Vivi roars, interrupting them. "GIVE ME MY GOLD BACK YOU BAST-"

"Can I come in too?" Terra interrupts from Eizen's amulet.

In a remarkable display of missing a spot check, the kobold in the SAME room, pushes the bookshelf open from the other side for Terra, who hops in without a second thought, even as it lightly pinches her tail.

Eventually, through much banter, the kobold and Zelda, his human companion, reveal themselves. "Look, we gave you back your gold." the kobold says. "Leave us alone."

"Oh no pally, not until I"

"Hit me? Fine. One punch. I'll treat myself to some Dragonfire afterword and be fine."

"Dragonfire, eh? I've never had that type..." Eizen says.

"I'll give you a bottle if you don't punch me."


So he grabs a bottle, tosses it to Eizen, and opens another for himself. They down it at the same time. "Not bad." Eizen says. "But the stuff in my flask is far stronger." He says, tossing one toward the kobold. A flask appears in his pocket with a dinging sound.

"Meh. I've had better."


"Hey, heeeey... Y'know... these sewers suck, yes?" Viv asks, happy that Terra managed to distribute all the proper money to the proper people. Terra was almost shocked that she put on such a charismatic performance, but then she realized what was coming. "I can get you out of here, if you want." She says, throwing an arm over the kobold. After some discussion, a scroll is produced. "Now, to make sure the magic works, you have to sign in blood." She says, and the kobold slices into his hand and signs with a flourish. "I mean... I was kidding, but okay, I'll take it."

And thus, did a Kobold Pugilist and a Divine Tiefling join the party! Turning their collective gaze toward the exit, the party wondered what would be next...

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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:01 am
The ever-growing party make their way out of the sewers. The GNOME on top of the elevator, staring at Terra for some weird reason, asks if they were going up. She briefly muses on if the elevator can hold such weight, but then lets the party in. Nera and  Xavier decide to go on a small (Council above I hate you guys so much for making me write this...) panty raid. at two pm. As soon as the floors under them creak, the two (and Sophie, who had gone to make sure they wouldn't get hurt or in too much trouble) book it out of there. They then head to the stables, where a black dragonborn with piercing yellow eyes approaches Xavier in a fit. "YOU! I KNOW THAT'S YOUR DAMN BEAR! GET IT AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY STABLES! ITS BEEN SHITTING NONSTOP SINCE IT GOT HERE!" After some minor gold to somewhat placate her is thrown her way, Sophie and Zelos eye some Chocobo-Raptors. Xavier eyes it too, but the dragonborn grabs Xavier and she tosses Xavier aside.  He flutters harmlessly in the breeze. Eventually gold is paid, and the two own them legally. She says if any of the rest of the party want a mount, to go to a ranch about a day's travel away. They decide to do so, but not before paying a visit to Rodney.

The party eventually get directions to a rather fancy building in the merchant district. It was connected to the finest cleanest brothel, but Nera was A) having none of that and B) too distracted by her patron deity's daughter to go in. The party learn that Rodney was turned into a chicken, and to wait a week. A few members asked if they could eat him, and one shopkeeper piped up that if he was still a chicken in a week's time to feel free. But they then told the party to get out, as they were dirtying up the fine shop. Terra looked a little wounded, considering she had some pride in her looks, but she and the others did eventually leave, albeit wanting to eat chicken now.They eventually set out, with the goal of getting to a Ranch.

They come across a watering hole and, after breaking the lock and lockpick, Draza, the kobold fills the trough and the animals drink. Terra asks if Eizen has any empty flasks. While Sophie mocks her,


Eizen pulls out several flasks and downs their contents, tossing them at the party. Zelos is the only one who doesn't notice, and it beams him on the head. The party use these as canteens for the trek ahead. They notice a shimmering oasis off in the distance away from the beaten path, and, after a quick vote, the party heads that way. A forest practically springs up around them, and a tower looms in the distance. Terra, in the wagon, is confused as all fuck why there's suddenly a forest when minutes ago it had been desert. As the party splits up to investigate, a DIRE CHICKEN attacks Terra, Pandy, Zelda, and Nera, while in a shack off to the side Xavier and Sophie are attacked by two Cockatri! Dale is off doing his own thing with Zelos, Draza decides to just watch, and Vivi is doing an Assassin's Creed scan of the surroundings. Eizen had drunkenly dropkicked "CA-CAW MOTHER *hic*FUCKER!" where he thought the door was going to be, but just passed out on the ground a couple feet in the entranceway.

With the Dire Chicken, Terra casts Dissonant Whispers, and the chicken is pretty terrified. Zelda pokes it with her rapier, and Pandy bites it and tosses it out of the wagon. The chicken goes to run away from Terra, and runs a whopping five feet. Nera shoots it with her bow, scoring a direct hit. Terra goes to electrocute it with Thunderous Orchestra, but sadly winds up snapping her string in two, causing an arc of lightning to gash a hole in the wagon, which Terra reacts to by swiftly mending it. Nera and Zelda both laugh, causing their next shots to miss and hit the tree where Draza was, but luckily he's on the floor, also laughing. The chicken pecks at the bear for revenge, but it doesn't appear to go too deep. Terra, somewhat blushing, stows her lute away and whips out her violin. Playing a melody on it, she looks the chicken dead in the eyes and cast dissonant whispers again, killing it. She then mends her string and the burnt wood. "Well, we wanted chicken. So we ca-and Pandy ate it."

With Sophie and XAvier, the cockatri had the first bite, and one of them seemed to enjoy the flavour of Xavier's fabric. However, they were no match for the "DON'T TOUCH ME IM BIG LOOK AT MY WINGSPAN" Harpy and the floating armour, being dispatched with a mere couple of talon scratches and sword pokeys.

Right as Pandora ate the chicken, they come to rejoin the party with three pounds of cockatrice meat. Drakengard look toward the tower looming above them, and can only wonder what's in it for now....

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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Sun Dec 23, 2018 6:56 pm
So Vivian goes inside the top floor, trips, and basically winds up pulling a Roxas, as she is absorbed into a tube of some sort. "Nonononononono Fuuuuuu-" A not robot takes her place. His name is Relc/Relk. Well, his designation is R E L C, but close enough. He, not used to walking, falls down the stairs and the party gathers around. He turns invisible and fools Drassa into thinking he left. Sophie isn't fooled, and kicks the tin can lying on the floor. Drassa, attuning to his knuckles, brings down the tower in an attempt to get Vivian to come down. But amidst the rubble she isn't found just an empty tube and her trident. Terra picks it up and is hesitant to give it to Relk so he can safely store it in his pocket dimension, but after hearing a voice in her head shout "SHE'S A HE, FU-" She tosses it at him and he dematerializes it into his book.

So, tying him up to make sure he wont escape, the party make it to the Raptor ranch, where they see a not so sublte thief trying to break in. Shenanigans ensue, but eventually she, Lexi, is somewhat coerced to join the party, and the party buy seven raptors. Lexi offers her cart, as she was just trying to steal them so she could keep going.

The two wagons come across some Giant Scorpions. Though Terra gets wounded really badly due to their stingers, the party eventually make it out okay, with Eizen having drove a stinger into a scorpion and Drassa having dropkicked one. Some minor scavenging, and the party sets off once more to the next major town!

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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:57 pm
There is a mountain pass between them and their destination. on the Not-Orzimar side of things, a fighter is arguing with someone. Lexi's eyes go wide and she starts to argue that she didn't do anything to him, and they both get shot by heavy crossbows. Terra, healing them both, gets a better look at him. He looks remarkably like Jay, and introduces himself as Kay. For the members that knew her, Eizen included, a small pain is felt, but they welcome him to join them... and he's forced to by the guard anyways.

Terra decides, not knowing whats through this pass, that they better be cautious, and has the wagons move at half pace. Along the way, somehow the conversation gets to Jotuuns, and Eizen mentions that his first mate was a jotuun. Mostly female, but one of the heads was male. Lexi mentions that is sure to cause some gender dysphoria, and Terra mutters to herself that she understands that one. Drassa quirks an eyebrow, having heard her, but says nothing. Still, for all their troubles, a boulder is hurled at the wagons, and Terra, having had a VERY LONG MONTH, is SICK AND TIRED of being attacked, so she just unleashes a new spell, Shatter, on the attacking giant. Relc/k tries to mimic it, but finds himself unable to successfully produce the same effects. (In retrospect, the giant should have still taken half damage from a failed save, but it is funnier to have Relc/k disregard the spell after his failures.) Nera tries to seduce the other giant, but he has none of it, and hurls a javelin at her.

Eventually, the party wins, and crosses the path... where Kay is immediately apprehended as a famous criminal with a bounty of 10,000 gold. Noticing the guild insignias on their clothes, he assumes they caught him to turn them in, and Nera accepts the reward, splitting it amongst the party. This causes the criminals in the party some definite discomfort, wondering if she'd sell them if she knew. Lexi wisely decides to book it the hell away before getting paid herself, stealing back her wagon and stealing two raptorbos to pull it.

The party move on, picking up a dragonbord who says she was heading to their destination too. They stop as they see a wrecked wagon and dead, pulsing horses. One explodes, and a Land Wurm pops out of it! The party swiftly defeat it. Two more appear. Relk decides to summon Viv's spear. "SHE'S A HE YOU FU-" Came a voice in his main processor.

"You tell me nothing my sensors haven't already picked up. Analyzing Trajectory. Yeet." He says with a toss, landing a hit on one of them. Eventually the party kill them both. Sophie finds a blade, and Relc/k analysis it to be a Vampyric blade. Sophie takes it. and make their way on.... Terra spots a merchant cart. It's revealed that they are hauling 2 million platinum worth of things to Rodney. After Terra informs them he's currently a chicken, Eizen and Sophie proceed to break him with half the remaining moonstone and an absolute shitton of alchohol. Eventually the party walk away with everything on the cart, and the wagon itself. Rodney will not be happy about this.

The party rest, and the dragonborn leaves in the middle of the night. She left what appear to be strange ramblings carved into the wood. After they all make notes of it, Terra heals it so she, Eizen, and Xavier don't throw a fit over their wagon. they arrive in Fillwood, but its on FIRE! Well, half of it is. The party run in to stop the fiend (Eizen temporarily lags behind, but basically finds a car lock for the wagons, preventing stuff in them from being stolen), who turns out to be the dragonborn from earlier, yelling insanity about Needing his Queen and whatnot. And Lo, an Ancient Amythist Gemstone Dragon appears, and most of the party get a glazed look in their eyes. Relc/k and Xavier, unaffected because of what they are, knock some sense into the party. They wonder how to stop the Fire. Drassa tells them to get out of town, and performs SAND burial again... but he doesn't appear to make it out. Eizen proclaims that his ale now belongs to him then, since he's dead... and Drassa shoots up from the sand and tells him not to touch it.

The party are thanked by guards, and granted a free weeks stay at the inn. Eizen, with fortune in tow, wonders how he would go about becoming mayor of this town... and is told he'd have to ask the current mayor.

So with dreams of being a leader once more in his drunken kidney, he (And the rest of Drakengard) wait...

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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Mon Jan 28, 2019 12:33 am
So After a couple of days of just relaxin, Eizen goes off to meet the mayor. Drassa decides to accompany him. Xavier floats about town looking for an armour shop, Nera goes off to look for some prostitutes, and the rest of the party stays at the inn. Eizen and Drassa find themselves at the mayor's manor. Eizen actually knocks for once, and after a minute of hearing wood scrape against the other side, a gnoll gnome answers. Eizen still can't see him until he swings his beard out the door, where it lands in the pavement below. He mentions that they are recieving Canaanian emissaries at sundown, but after some negotiations, he is eventually let through, and the gnoll gnome is spinning in the mechanism he's using to open the large door. He begs for help. Eizen tries to grab his shirt to pull him out, and grabs... just the shirt. Drassa tosses a dagger, and eventually it gets stuck in the gears. the naked gnoll gnome, beard mostly gone by now, passes out, and the two spend a surprisingly long time looking for the mayor's office. They eventually find a small door. It opens, and Drassa starts laughing, leaning by the door. Eizen goes to do his Dropkick, and enters the room, though he clips his beak on the entrance.

He starts to argue with the voice that he should be mayor instead. The voice, in between snarfing down food, asks him his qualifications. The pirate mentions his leading a crew before his soul got siphoned, and that he is co-leading a group with a guild now. He mentions he's whipping them into shape. In the inn, a chill runs down the groups spine. Nera, with her prostitutes in tow, mentions its prolly something to do with Eizen, then she gets to... work... Back with Eizen, he also mentions that he used to rule a sea coliseum called Altissa. The voice mentions that sunk six years ago. Eizen says he knew that they wouldn't last without him. Finally, an orange looking goblin appears. "I'm the mayor. No one's seen me. Guy manning the door is the older mayor." After Eizen tears into him verbally, he's noticeably frightened,  and sweat drops down his brow, revealing green underneath. Eventually, Eizen tells the goblin to book it to Rosepetal lake with a message for an old seaman. He does, and thus, Eizen becomes mayor. Instantly making Drassa the new Knight Captain, he tells him to tell his subordinates to Arrest their party members. They drop a net on Xavier and enter the inn. they... extract Nera from her bussiness. Terra looks like she's ready to book it, but after a few questions, she surrenders. The party eventually are corralled below the balcony. Eizen does a Kuzco entrance, and proclaims he's the new mayor, and tosses out titles and responsibilities to Drakengard, who, having nothing better to do for the week, begrudgingly accept.

And then Eizen mentions that high ranking officials can drink whenever, but because he needs to buckle down, he will be sober for three days. The mere thought scares the party, and Eizen lets the emissaries stay in a seperate inn while he prepares for them.

Three days later, Sophie and Terra are terrified and annoyed at their temporary boss, who has demanded tea from them pretty much constantly. it seems like when he isn't drinking something with alchohol in it, he prefers it. Also, he speaks entirely different. too kind. his mannerisms are proper, almost noble like. Drassa has been drinking almost nonstop for him though, and seems to handle his liquor well. Eventually a package arrives, and another after it. Drassa opens it and out comes the head of the former mayor. Terra sees another package and opens it, revealing a pair of orange and green boots. Eizen sends them to the other former mayor and forces him to wear them. The pirate then mentions he needs to actually get ready for the Cannanian Emissaries. Terra stops doing whatever she was. She says she needs to leave. Eizen denies her, telling her he needs her. Terra FIRMLY says she will go whether he lets her or not. Eizen asks her if she wants to go to jail. Terra, being just done wit this bullshit  then icily lays into him. "Pirate. I know what all you've done, or can take a good guess. You have no idea what I've done. What I'm capable of. I AM leaving. and then, when the Canaanians are gone, you WILL drink until you are drunk again, or I swear I will kill you myself." Fear flashes into his yellow eyes, and he nods slowly. Then he directs her to the guest chambers. Terra says that Sophie is coming with her. though Sophie is a little awestruck by the bard's tranquil fury, she finds it completely understandable given the past few days.

At the entrance, Relc/k tells the three Canaanian Emissaries that he isn't quite ready for them, waiting for permission to let them in.

Thus, the new mayor begins to plan for this, while a former Canannian elects to hide. Why are they here? What information do they have? Time will tell...

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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

on Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:22 pm
As the emissaries approach Relk/c, he analyzes them. One looks to be a fighter, one seems like a high-ranking rogue of some sort, and the other is, while passable, a crossdressing full tabaxi. Relk/c just assumes it's a part of their culture, and they are let in. Drassa is waving them into Eizen's office, but he's just staring at a wall doing it. Another guard officially lets them in, and Eizen apologizes for the delay. They seem understanding enough, and get down to business. They want to build a port town south. Eizen tells them to feel free. They then pull out a contract, and Eizen, though it feels familiar to him, just signs it. The emissary also mentions that they are looking for a blonde half-tabaxi who has committed high treason. The finders fee is 5,000 gold. Eizen thinks about it, but tells him he can't place it. Then, as another aid whispers into his ear, he demands Drassa to toss him his Cloak of Alcoholism. He does, and Eizen starts drinking. The emissaries tell him that, if he or anyone else he knows has information on this half tabaxi, they will be in Claxton until their town is built. Eizen, now proper drunk, dismisses them, and after they leave, barges into the guest room.

"5,000 gold huh?! I LIKE IT!" He says before passing out. He continues to divulge more information between periods of blacking out and regaining conscious. Eventually, Terra decides to gather the party and come clean. The bard reveals that she was actually the spymaster/go-to-diplomat for a rebellion in Canaan. This causes Relk/c to crash, as his eyes are replaced with a blue screen. Nera asks why, and Terra says that the current ones in charge are some of the most corrupted leaders she has ever known. Xavier wonders how his lineage would dare become so filthy. Terra asks him if that means he's from Canaan.

"AM I FROM CANAAN?! I FOUNDED THE BITCH. YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF THE GREAT XAVIER VON-GESH?! YOU DARE CALL YOURSELF A MEMBER OF CANAAN! YOU DISGUST ME! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!" He says, tossing the headband the party makes him wear so they have some approximation of where his head is at Terra. "Now give me that back, that's my head." When Terra's response is a blank stare, he seems wounded. "What did they teach you in history books?" He asks, tears forming up from somewhere.

"Well, The Van-Gashes fled 700 years ago and, landing on an island, decided to make that the first of Canaan's city-states. Are you saying?"

"Yes, I am 825 years old. We... don't talk about the first 125." The living armour affirms.

Though some of the party consider bringing her in for the reward, and busting her out later, Terra says that it's unlikely that they'd actually send her to jail, and instead execute her on the spot. Eizen tells her they said she would be standing trial, but Terra, upon asking for information upon what the emissaries looked like, says that IS the trial. The Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Well, as it turns out, the party like Terra. So they're willing to kill them for her. The problem with that is, if they die on foreign soil, it causes problems for them as well, and this country has enough to deal with, since impending Dracolich.

So Eizen says they'll kill them at sea then. Pirates are the only law on the ocean, after all. They plan out a route of where Eizen last left his ship, and then set out to inform the replacement mayor, the captain of his archery squad, and the only person that scares Eizen. Specifically, when the party is in disbelief that he's afraid of anyone, Eizen actually says he's afraid of only three people in his life. And this chick, Pandora, is all three,

It's about a mile outside of town, the pub F'N'ell. Eizen says those are their favourite words, and tells Terra to poke her head in and ask if Lissa is around. She does, and her reply is "FUCK OFF". Eizen informs them that she's his ex-girlfriend, and he owes her sooooo much money because he launched her bow and some VERY expensive glass arrows out of a cannon, as a way to deliver them. The instant Eizen shows his face, Pandora pulls out a cannon and shoots him not once, but twice, knocking him out. The commotion causes Lissa, a white mage, to wake up and, upon seeing one of her favourite humanoids, smashes him with a mace with a pink heart body. The group is confused, but somehow this heals him. Upon seeing it causes him pain, Sophie makes her do it again, She obliges, then, noticing she's ALSO a bird-person, goes to pester her.

The party try to mention their woes, but PAndora has eyes and ears everywhere, and knows what happened. She mentions that the emissaries were in the back, and Terra immediately casts Vanish on herself. The party, along with the Ranger, assume that she just ran off. But then Terra speaks. They wonder why Relk/c hasn't spoken, but...

Relk/c is still DDOS'ing, and is now emitting a loud noise. Pandora decides to blast him to the counter. Many other sounds were heard, but eventually he just shuts down and then reboots. He'll be doing that for a while. Eizen is similarly held down by Lissa. Pandora asks the party if, as payment for not narccing on them to the emissaries while she can, they would hunt deer with her. They agree and the party, minus Eizen and Relk/c but plus Pandora, set off.

The party actually have some PEACE AND HLAL DAMNED QUIET FOR ONCE. Right before where Pandora says where the deer were, she confesses that she's actually hunting down bandits because they owe her, and if she can't get their money, she will get blood. Pandora, knowing that Terra is Terra, tells her to go with her to try and persuade them. Drassa sneaks off, his own method of peacekeeping in mind.

Pandora, after being rebutted so easily, says that Terra could take all six of them by herself. And then Drassa attacks.

It's a quick fight, all things considered. Pandora tries to shove some arrows in the leaders neck, but he's not having it. Nera cleaves one in half, and Terra inspires and then melts the brains of two bandits. Xavier Lightning dashed through the leader and two of his followers, as spiders start to nom them.  Spiders eat one bandit alive, and Zelda shoots one right between the eyes. Drassa finishes off the one he tried to sneak attack, and the party make their way back.

Along the way, Pandora, with three arrows, manages to kill and bring back 2 young elk, 3 normal sized elk, and one grand elk.

Then thay arrive back at the tavern, wondering about how best to spend their preparing days.

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Re: Doomsday of the Dracolich: Recap

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