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The World of Vanda Empty The World of Vanda

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It was said that long ago, the ancient people lived in harmony. That magic was abundant, coursing through the very veins of the people. That it made life bearable, and that through magic came magitek. a fusion of magic and technology. The people were happy, and everything was going fine. Until a dastardly villain showed up with magic far stronger than what one mere person should have. They waged war, and countless fighters died. Countless mages gave their lives in an attempt to stop them, only to be met with raw magic dismissing any attempts. It was a long, grueling fight just to even get near them to talk, let alone make an attempt on their life.

It was said that, faced with desperation, legendary mages with powers over the elements just barely managed to banished him away. With their last bit of magic, as retaliation, the villain places seals on the very leylines of magic, and vowed they would one day return. The warriors claimed that no matter how long it would take, there would always be heroes to stop him. Unfortunately, without magic, the magitek became lost, eroding, exploding, and all but vanishing from the face of the earth, thus vastly decreasing the odds of the heroes words being true in the eyes of the public.

It's been 3000 years since the fell mage was defeated. Their name, the legend of the heroes, the grand promise both sides made... they have all faded into just that: mere legend. Instead, the world is more focused on the here-and-now of politics, as Vanda's world leaders not only have problems of their own, but of each other.

Terra Lahnsier, President of Lorig, is comfortable in her office, having just successfully completed another year. However, with many of her predeccessors being assassinated, her staff is fearing for her life. As well, despite the low tension, Morbic is getting entirely too close to Lorig's border, and it does put the common citizen on edge. Can Terra survive to the endterm? Will war break out over a border transgression?

Mikayel Pars, Hierophant of Belindo, leads his flock in his church in the capital. Although he lives in comfort, he gives what he can to the causes he sees as just, always referring to his copy of the Sienruhon to make sure nothing he gives to is a sin. However, with the inaction he takes to what the non-believers call Cries for help, faith is shaken, and there may very well be a change in power along the way. Aside from that, Belindo and Keren are in an understated war with each other, both sides not officially recognizing it, but sending their militaries to rough up the border town of the opposing nation from time to time. How long until the dam breaks? How much longer can people question what they call right?

Damian Jourder, Emperor of Keren, is a busy man, ruling from his palace. He oversees almost every little detail to make sure his reign is perfect and unopposed, supposedly uncaring about the health of his populace, though for what it is worth he is attempting to vastly exacerbate the technology available in his country. His biggest thorn in his side right now is a Resistance force, led by a masked man calling himself Ruby. Try as he might, he cannot get an accurate count, or hideout location, or even names from the members he captures. The only thing he can do is send his special forces to stop any dangerous riots. To add to the problem, though he views it as no real concern for now, is the small clashes he has with Belindo. Though each side sends their military to the border to rough up opposing towns, Damian feels like he has a lot less to lose in the long run of things. Will the resistance rise up and topple this cruel emperor? Will Belindo and Keren march to a bloody war?

Sierra Delnos, Grand Mother of Morbic, is a gentle ruler from her fortress. Though she looks out for all of her citizens as much as she can, her biggest pain, publicly, is that she cannot directly save everyone from either being too nice, or too reckless. However, if that is the case, why is she getting so close to Lorig's border that they share? Is she planning something with Keren, as the only real country that treats the citizens there like human beings? Is everything she does an act?

The Rumour amongst the wandering tribes and clans of Tiendra is that there is a powerful treasure in the center of the continent. However, as they can only get so far before everything becomes unfavorable to any would be heroes, no one can tell where the actual center is, and instead most archeologist and scholars simply flock to to first ruins they see on their trek. Is there treasure? How much of Tiendra is left unexplored? What, exactly, is out there that stops the serious pursuits of fame and knowledge?

With all these questions in the general populous' minds, the story begins, opening on a library just south of Letale.

Setting Information:

Lore: Can you believe everything you read? The five Countries seem to mostly agree on a vague definition of what went down 3000 years ago, though they do not focus on it, instead worrying more about the present and future.

The World: Five Countries, Two continents: Lorig, Belindo, Keren, Tiendra, and Morbic. The world's name is Vanda. The Main Continent is Lithia. Tiendra is a Continent all on it's own.

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Regional Information

Lorig, Mountainous Democracy:

Lorig is currently set for another 4 years of Terra helping the populous, but there are supports who wish to see her removed quicker.

Leader(s): President Terra Lahnsier
Capital: Soarignum Mountain
Summary: Built into the mountains as protection from elements and the dangerous wildlife, Lorig is known as one of the more peaceful countries, relatively speaking, which is what probably leads to it's high draft rate when something big does occur.. Many come to the capital seeking work in the vast yet dangerous mining tunnels residing under the mountain’s elaborate buildings, though those who try to get to the top of mountains in the capital are given a swift escort back down.

Hierarchy: As Lorig is a Democracy, Elections are held generally once every 8 years, barring catastrophic events. In the event of an assassination or unfortunate accident, instead of a vice president taking office for the rest of the term, they are thrown into office only for as long as it takes to get a new election set up, which only takes about a month. People are free to run for president as many times as they want, though most step down after their first or second term. Currently, most are happy with President Terra, though a few wish to dispose her like her a few of her unfortunate predecessors.

Quality of Life:
-Terrain: Mostly mountains, the people have taken rather well, building homes into the rocks to protect them from the frequent rain. Animals such as goats love it here. Unfortunately, despite all the rain it is not very good for plant growth, barring a few of the valleys off the beaten path.
-Literacy: Average. Though most presidents choose to focus on schooling, not every area can get the required materials or teaching, though this is mainly in the outer limits of the country, and rural areas.
-Danger Level: Fair. While they have a mostly active enough military to patrol the towns, there are other dangers like a sharp spiky drop to the chasms below, where you could be left for days if lucky enough to survive.

International Relations:
-Keren: Other than envoys sent between them, the two countries seem to be in relatively little contact with each other, barring periodical skirmishes.
-Belindo: Trade happens often with Belindo, as plants have a typically hard time growing in the mountains. In return, Lorig offers them the metals and minerals they need to better arm themselves to face the dangerous beasts out there. As such, Belindo could be considered Lorig's closest ally.
-Tiendra: As Tiendra is not actually a nation, and more a conglomerate of thugs and bandits, there are technically no international relations to worry about. But the dangerous people coming from there certainly give the people concern. Lorig frequently drafts people to fight and protect the nation.
-Morbic: As Morbic Stretches into Lorig's vast mountains, peace talks are regularly maintained to ensure neither country decides to start a war for more land.

Theme: [flash=250,250]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcNoFspkIlY[/flash]

Belindo, Holy Savannah:

There's been talk of people civilly changing the system. Perhaps it has to do with Faith being shaken...

Leader(s): Hierophant Mikayel Pars
Capital: Letale
Summary: It started with a stone, or so the legend says. Once nothing more than wildlands, a young man picked up a small crystal and held it up to the sun, pondering life. As he gained thought, he felt like the heavens themselves were speaking to him. So he began to write, and eventually the Sienruhon was created. Spreading it's message, sometimes peacefully, sometimes not, to many tribes thata composed the wildlands, eventually it formed the founding of a new nation, named after the man who worked so hard to get it to where it needed to be. He made the strongest people his own guard, named them Crusaders, and as the towns formed, sent them out to protect his people from the dangerous animals. Today however, with the vast bandit raids, the powerful tornadoes, and countless orphans, people begin to wonder if their faith is misplaced.

Hierarchy: Bishops are placed all over the country. They in turn all report to Archbishops placed a bit more sporadically, who report to the Hierophant himself... who usually gives most of the work to his secretary. When a Hierophant dies the Archbishops all lock themselves in the same room and begin to pray. They eat only bread and water and do not come out until one of them is granted the blessing of light, becoming the new Hierophant.

Quality of Life:
-Terrain: A gentle breeze and endless plains await those who travel here. Far more of a concern is the incredibly dangerous and deadly wildlife that runs amok. Tornadoes occasionally prove to be troublesome as well.
-Literacy: High. Anyone that lives in Belindo, be it at the border or Letale itself, is expected to be able to read The Sienruhon, a collection of works that appear to talk about how being polite and kind will reward you in this life and the next. However, it warns against helping those who have suffered, as helping sinners is a sign of sin itself, and there is no forgiveness for those that sin according to this book. That said, schools and churches are found all around the country in order to teach. Many find it to be their calling.
-Danger Level: Runs the gamut. In the capital there is no danger because of how well the Crusaders protect their city. But on the plains themselves, it's a death world where lion eat tiger eat bear.

International Relations:
-Keren: Viewed as a sinners paradise, The Hierophant not only keeps a close eye on Keren, but sends Crusaders to rough up the border towns from time to time. For the good of the world.
-Lorig: Trade happens often with Lorig, as plants have a typically hard time growing in the mountains. In return, Lorig offers Belindo the metals and minerals they need to better arm themselves to face the dangerous beasts out there. As such, Belindo could be considered Lorig's closest ally.
-Tiendra: As Tiendra is not actually a nation, and more a conglomerate of thugs and bandits, there are technically no international relations to worry about. But the dangerous people coming from there certainly give the people concern
-Morbic: Other than keeping an eye out around the border, and envoys sent between them, the two countries seem to be in relatively little contact with each other.

Theme: [flash=250,250]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hj2p7bkCYZ0[/flash]

Keren, Developing Dictatorship:

Keren is constantly under revolt, several factions wanting to despose of the Emperor. Of course, Damian ruthlessly squashes most of them, but an underground movement is largely growing, this time determined to see him fall.

Leader(s): Emperor Damian Jourdor
Capital: Nathaluk
Summary: Keren is densely populated with forests and led by a person who has the only real scientists in the world. Whilst his land is being deforested, it is for what he believes to be the good of his country, as he is making factories and more stable houses, along with various beginning technologies such as firearms. Fortunately, blueprints for those were stolen and the rest of the world got to partake in it.

Hierarchy: There is no Hierarchy. Emperor Damian is the end all be all. Though he does have various secretaries and clerks to make sure it is a well running system.

Quality of Life:
-Terrain: While Keren is still the most forested of all the countries, it is actually slowly losing their forests in favour of factories and various other buildings. Whilst certainly home to some very dangerous animals, it's the poisonous and venomous ones you have to watch out for-much like the people.
-Literacy: Nearly nonexistent, barring a few resistance members and the capital's staff.
-Danger Level: Very low if you keep your head waaaaaaaaaaay down, as Damian's Special Forces quash any real threat. However, if you get on Damian's bad side then the danger is sky high, as he is ruthless in crushing it. And if you are in the Resistance, you are always on that list.

International Relations:
-Lorig: Other than envoys sent between them, the two countries seem to be in relatively little contact with each other, barring the occasional skirmish.
-Belindo: Damian views this country as a bunch of Hypocrites, and regularly sends men to the border to mess them up. A war is close to brewing...
-Tiendra: As Tiendra is not actually a nation, and more a conglomerate of thugs and bandits, there are technically no international relations to worry about. Some people of Keren would prefer to go there, but others are content to stay relativly safe in Keren.
-Morbic: Due to the slow deforestation of his land, and the refusal to get help from Belindo, Damian relies on Morbic for most trading. He keeps up the pretenses and in return offers them some lumber, as well as a few technological improvements.

Theme: [flash=250,250]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yf9oasn8yLo[/flash]

Tiendra, Lawless Continent:

Tiendra remains lawless, but of course there are people who want to try to bring SOME form of law to the continent.

Leader(s): There are prominent bandit factions, but no actual leaders to note of.
Capital: No one true capital, but there is a major oasis that acts as a hub for the more... Agreeable sorts, Senlegè
Summary: It's rumored that long ago, before the Seal of magic, Tiendra was a bountiful land, connected to Lithia by a narrow mountain pass. However, now it's harsh desert, stretching on seemingly endless. It's unexplored all the way, explorers being unable to survive the vast trek.

Hierarchy: Law of the strongest.

Quality of Life:
-Terrain: Desert, Desert, and more Desert. Though there are animals that can survive, and fewer giant ones that attack whoever crosses their paths, the sharp decline into cold night brings out entirely different beasts.
-Literacy: No need for it, though scholars, archeologists, and explorers come from afar to study what they can.
-Danger Level: Highest possible. Bandits, evil climates, deadly ruins.

Theme: [flash=250,250]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYJfSNEUqp0[/flash]

International Relations:
-Keren: Bandits strike here the rarest, as they are met with sound resistance.
-Belindo: they have a couple of instances of ports in the south, otherwise it's landlocked. Most of the intellectual types come from here to explore.
-Lorig: As they are used to climbing, mountains make no issue for the bandits.
-Morbic: It's icy fish ports make for ripe plundering.

Morbic, Matriarchal Tundra:

Most people are content in Morbic, though there are some that wish for her to take a husband, and others waiting to place their prefferred females on the throne, even going so far as to hire assassins and thugs.

Leader(s): Grand Mother Sierra Delnos
Capital: Myetay
Summary: Morbic is commonly described as silk hiding steel, as most of the military wuaffles she has been in ended with her country declared the victor. They have the knowledge to back it up too, being second only to Belindo. Most people coming from here are jovial, if reckless. Many come from around the world if they seek a peaceful life... Provided they don't go too far out, where the cold claims everything.

Hierarchy: A matriarchal Hierachy, some view Morbic as a kingdom, with the staff referring to it as a Matriarchy purely on Sierra's wishes. As far as rulings go, Sierra does have a cabinet she confers with to make sure she doesn't step on any toes. While she has no children to claim as heir, word on the street is she is looking to adopt.

Quality of Life:
-Terrain: Harsh winds and bitter cold dominate the flat landscape. While there are a few creatures on land, the real danger lies in the icy waters below... And what's contained in them.
-Literacy: Fairly High. While they are not on Belindo's level, those with little else to do choose to find comfort in books, often gathering around large families to read, either in silence, or alone.
-Danger Level: Democratically low, but terrainly high, for reasons previously stated.

International Relations:
-Keren: Due to the lack of lumber needed to make most cabins, Morbic finds intself relying on Keren. As well, they are happy to trade necessities that Keren needs, Grand Mother Sierra choosing to see the good in everyone. Unlike the other nations, they hold no bias against them.
-Belindo: As vegetation is rare, morbic happily trades with Belindo as well.
-Tiendra: As Tiendra is not actually a nation, and more a conglomerate of thugs and bandits, there are technically no international relations to worry about. Most members of Morbic that find their way there tend to be unprepared for the harsh desert.
-Lorig: Used to cold, people from Morbic find nothing to really worry about. There is a sort of stand off near the border, however.

Theme: [flash=250,250]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJa6JXC2qVE[/flash]

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Main Characters:

Important NPC Profile:

"I don't know what went wrong, but we can fix it!"

Name: Mina Keresky

Age: She won't tell.

: The World of Vanda Derpy_hooves_by_maxwindy-d523x2d

Backstory: Mina claims she was raised into believing that it was her destiny to help a group of heroes break the seals and make everything back to normal. But who is she? Can her tale be verified? Why does she have the power she does? And why does she remember Kaze?

Fighting style: Mina claims she's good with her axe. However, she seems rather klutzy and unfocused right now, so who knows?


Likes: Muffins, The Elementalists, Being Useful, Fun
Hates: Cupcakes, Opponents, Boredom, Delaying their quest.
Fears: Being Useless.

Nervous Habits/quirks: She stares off into space just about anytime she's not being talked to or needing to focus, like she's trapped in her thoughts.

Personality: Naive, Klutzy, and bubbly, Mina appears to be more than she lets on to her friends. How does she know so much about the world if she's so happy about it?

Conversations: Mina loves talking when she's being talked to, and seems to have information on just about everything, sharing most of it freely. However, she also tends to state the obvious alot. During most business talks she tends to stay quiet and let the others handle it. Tragic she dismisses most of, saying it gets better.

Color:Light Yellow like her hair!


Voice Actress: Tabitha St. Germane

Special note: ??? (Once it happens)

Kaze Rainex: 21 Year old Man of Letters. Mercenary. Pistol User. Former Militia. Will be Light
Roland Tiegan: 25 Year old Man of Daggers. Bandit Leader. Dagger user. Kidnapped as a young child. Will be Wind
Pandora Eirza: 19 Year old Woman of Tragedy. Barkeep. Whip and Shield User. Formerly the Azure Archer.Will be Earth
Cynthia Bennett: 19 Year old Woman of Streets. Urchin. Fisticuffs User. Brutal Raid Survivor. Will be Ice
Shen Mizuno: 22 Year old Man of Resistance. Assassin. Sword and Scythe User. Oppressed by Damian. Will be Lightning
Jay Maikle: 19 year old Man of Traveling. Traveler. Dual Hatchets User. Escorted Townspeople to safety. Will be Darkness



Factions in Lorig:
Terra and Terra's Service:
Goal/Reason for Formation: To push the country to a brighter future and protect the president!
Leader NPC Profile:

"Well, when you get down to the basics..."

Name: Terra Lahnsier

Age: "She mumbles a number under her breath."

Appearence: Ariana Lahnsier from Spitz' signature.

Backstory: From Humble beginnings, Terra learned to climb the political later. She doesn't resort to pure trickery, as her predecessor had. Matter of fact, that was what lead to her idea of running for president; an honest soul with enough experience to change things was what her country needed, and, with her beating her opponent, what her country got.

Fighting style: ???

Element: ???

Likes: ???
Hates: ???
Fears: ???

Nervous Habits/quirks: She does Um and Ah, for being a professional speaker.

Personality: Terra seems to be kind yet firm, swift in thinking and suave.

Conversations: Smooth Talker, as befitting her station.

Color:  ???

Voice Actress: Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle


Other Notes:
Area of Influence: All of Lorig, and the continent as a whole to some degree.
History: Each President gets a new person to become a bodyguard, as well as inherit all the members of he former president's guard. They were made soley to protect and inform the President.

Power Hierarchy: Veterans first, and all report to the President.

Current Members: Caro Tekinen was the member Terra chose to induct.


Other People of Note:

Factions in Belindo:
Mikayel and his Clergy.:
Goal/Reason for Formation: To enlighten the world and discover all it's secrets.
NPC Leader Profile:

"Come, my child, and repent."

Name: Mikayel Pars

Age: 42

Appearence: Mikayel Pars in Spitz' Signature.

Backstory: The latest in a long line of Hierophants, Mikayel is one of the youngest to date, at only 42 years old.

Fighting style: ???

Element: ???

Likes: ???
Fears: ???

Nervous Habits/quirks: Folds his hand front to back repeatedly.

Personality: Quiet until he sees you 'sin.'

Conversations: Quiet evangelist.

Color: ???

voice actor: Corbin Bernsen as Henry Spencer


Other Notes:

Area of Influence: All of Belindo, and the world as a whole.
History: Covered in Lore.

Power Hierarchy: Covered in Lore.

Current Members: Priests of Mikayel's flock run not only throughout the country, but both continents as a whole.

Other People of Note

Factions of Keren:
Damian and his Servants:
Goal/Reason for Formation: Run a country, deal with Damian's foes.
NPC Leader Profile:


Name: Emperor Damian Jourder.

Age: "He dismisses the question."

Appearence: Damian Jourder from Spitz' Signature.

Backstory: Claims his destiny is to rule Keren. Little more is known.

Fighting style: ???

Element: ???

Likes: ???
Fears: ???

Nervous Habits/quirks: He rubs his temple in frustration.

Personality: He seems cold, cruel, and ruthless.

Conversations: He puts on a cold calculating tone, showing only rage or nothingness to his servants.

Color ???

Other Notes:

Voice Actor: Gray G. Haddock as Roman Torchwick


Area of Influence: All of Keren.
History: Damian has plucked great warriors from countries and makes them his, doing his bidding.

Power Hierarchy: Damian is the end all be all.

Current Members: Haka Choutay is a prominent Captain of Damian's Forces.

Resistance Movement:
Goal/Reason for Formation: To take down the Emperor and bring peace to the country!
Leader NPC Profile:

"Life WILL change!"

Name: Vergel Merzarick

Age: 30

Appearence: Vergel Merzarick in Spitz' Signature.

Backstory: The way Vergel tells it, he was just another worker in the forests until he decided he had enough and joined a movement. with enough plans and exercises, he was promoted to leader after his predecessor got captured.

Fighting style: Vergel has been observed to use a Sword in his left hand, striking slowly but with much force. He has no shield however, exposing him to attacks he can't block with his sword.

Element: ???

Likes: Winning.
Hates: Losing.
Fears: Losing Permanently.

Nervous Habits/quirks: "HA HA"

Personality: Cheesy and just, he tries to be uppity while still being the leader of a resistance movement.

Conversations: Valorous and just, he talks boisterous, always wanting to inspire his members.

Color: ???

Other Notes:


Voice Actor: Johnney Young Bosh as Nero
Area of Influence: Parts of Keren, though it's few and far between.
History: There's been many rebellions and revolutions throughout Keren's history, but none have accomplished anything. This latest one hopes to change that.

Power Hierarchy: Vergel Merzarick is the leader, and there are various people that report to him, who have people report to them, who have people that report to them, all scattered throughout the country. Not many resistance members gather in the same place unless they are planning to riot or protect the people from Damian's wrath.

Current Members: There are numerous men and women who fight for the cause, their numbers not known officially. Damian doesn't know any names or faces, as all members are required to wear a mask when engaging Damian's forces, as to not be identified by anyone watching. Shen Mizuno is a low ranking assassin of this group. Shina Mizuno, his mother, is a mid tier doctor.


Other Members of note

Factions in Tiendra:
Bandit Group 1:
Goal/Reason for Formation:
Leader Profile:

"Here's a little lesson in trickery for ya. And hey, pay attention, it'll go in the annals of history!"

Name: Robert "Robbie" "Snake" Steffanson.

Age: 43

Appearence: The World of Vanda 971

Backstory: A sleazy ex-cabinet member from Lorig, he was exiled for being caught extorting and blackmailing other cabinet members. That was some twenty years ago, and since then he's been terrorizing and pseudo-ruling over Tiendra with his many gang members.

Fighting style: He is lazy, and the laziest way of fighting is having other people do it for you. Or poison them before the fight begins. Worst case, he'll stab you with a fast-acting, fatal poison.

Element: ???

Likes: Being Lazy, sweets, having powah
Hates: Effort, vegetables.
Fears: Exercise, losing power.

Nervous Habits: He hums a tune under his breath when he's stressed.

Personality: He's a lazy sleazeball

Conversations: He's a smooth enough talker, keeping his voice soft as if he didn't want spend any effort in his voice

Color: ???

Other Notes:


Voice Actor: Stefan Karl Steffanson, natch.
Area of Influence:

Power Heierachy:

Current Members:


Friendly Merchants:

Other People of Note:

Factions in Morbic:

Sierra and her Spyglaive:

Goal/Reason for Formation: Act as the Grand Mother's eyes and ears.
Important NPC Profile:

"So, you found your way here, eh? Then let's have a party, da?"

Name: Sierra Delnos.

Age: "Now now, do you not think that's rather unbecoming to ask such a thing?"

Appearence: Sierra Delnos in Spitz' Signature.

Backstory: Sierra inherited her kingdom from her mother, and uses her Spyglaive as the spy force it was meant to be, unlike her mother, who mainly used it as a spec. ops. military force.

Fighting style: ???

Element: ???

Likes: ???
Fears: ???

Nervous Habits/quirks: Always has a flask of snow milk on hand, occasionally drinking from it and offering it to anyone.

Personality: Sierra believes in the good of everyone and everything, even if sometimes that requires a little prodding.

Conversations: Kind and always asks questions, but they are typically pointed or underlined with an ulterior motive; though most don't know that.

Color: None

Other Notes:

Voice Actress: Ashleigh Ball

Area of Influence: All of Morbic, and to a lesser extent the world as a whole.
History: A long lineage of members all descended from other Spyglaive members. You do not become one unless you are born into it, unless an incredibly rare exception occurs.

Power Hierarchy: People meet with people, sending penguins, pigeons, people, anything to get messages across.

Current Members: Her Spyglaive is numerous, but nothing makes them stand out from normal civilians.


Other people of note.

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