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Age:third oldest being ever.

Appearence: Spitz Bios (Topic for speed) Latest?cb=20140215023639could change if he wanted-he doesnt. Alternatively, he also likes the Chibi form: Spitz Bios (Topic for speed) _bravely_default_dr_victor_by_rlotte-d6xx4o2

Backstory: Thirdborne of the horsemen, and thus third/fourth oldest thing in existence. Many things have happened to Famine... One of the most important things that happened to him: He fell in love with a mortal once. They adopted a young catgirl, raised her from nothing. And yet to show her gratitude she killed her mother after some years and took what little power her mother had been given to her as a gift. That, combined with the power she herself was given, was more than enough to put up a fight against Famine. By the time the others had arrived, Famine was actually exhausted and the daughter teleported away. Ever since, Famine has been on a multiversal mission to hunt her down and end her, though he doesn't let the others in on it.

Equipment: Armour forged from meteors, a setbof sword-katars/claws, his scales.

Capabilities: conjures food and drinks. Can tell people what they desire. Can make people thirsty and hungry for anything, be it adventure, love, lust, men, women, pie, cheesebuegers, being a better person, friendship... Basically if it exists-or doesn't- he can make you want it. Controls and commands the earth-earthquakes, teleporting through it, etc. Can judge people and condemn them to whatever.

Fears: "please. Don't make me laugh. Or, y'know, do."
Likes: food, jokes, reading, video games, winter, spring, optimists, children, laughing.
Hates:" those stupid sad sympathy give us money commercials.", People who act dumb but are smart, board puzzles, fishing, temperatures over 70, temps under 20.

Habits: Always eating. Always.

Personality: A typically kindhearted jokester, he prefers his optimistic way of looking at people, even after everything he's seen. He can atill be an asshole, especially to the few people he doesn't like. He still teases hid friends though. He feels his job is a duty, but something he can cause passivly, so he doesnt worry. Still occassionally enjoys the stories that comes of it. Probably the laziest member on the squad.

In normal conversations, he's cracking jokes and telling stories, all while giving the advice his conversationee needs, as they typically do.

In Business talk, he's straight to the point. Asks questions to get the best picture.

During Serious moments, he'll crack jokes until he absolutely has to take it seriously. Then a one eighty is done. Tends to throw people off.

On the subject of power, he openly shares his view: If you cannot use it to make the world a better place, you do not deserve it. The exception, of course, is his fellow compatruits. They can do whatever, so long as mistakes are fixed.

Tragedy conversations he can but sympathize and give advice, relying on his long life and experiences to draw from.

Other Notes:: His colour for flashbacks, questions, and dreams is: Bolded Silver

Spitz Bios (Topic for speed) Latest?cb=20140215023639 Spitz Bios (Topic for speed) P5aroiDSpitz Bios (Topic for speed) 96FxLBp
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on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:37 am
"Do the ends justify the means? For a peaceful world... I'll do anything."

Name:Kaze Rainex.
Appearence minus the glasses and mouthpieceSpitz Bios (Topic for speed) P5aroiD

Backstory:Kaze was born to a normal family: Encouraging dad, worrying mother, single child. His first five years, nothing special happened.
When he was five, a visiting troop arrived in his town. Most of the soldiers quartered upin the town inn, but one decided to ask for lodgings elsewhere, and wound up in Kaze's home.

The boy was intimidated by the imposing soldier when he first turned up. Kaze tried to keep to himself, burying himself in a fairy tale book. The soldier noticed this, and thus asked him a simple question, one that set Kaze on his path: "Would you like to hear a different kind of heroic tale?" Kaze looked at him, thought a bit, and nodded.

And so the soldier spoke, removing many gory or bad details to protect the kids image. Kaze was awestruck, and quickly sucked in by the tales the soldier spoke of during his stay. As they left, the man gave him a token: a spare, empty pistol.

Ever since then, Kaze modled his life after the stories he heard.

Oh, it changed the boy so. He woke as the soldier told him, ate like the soldier told him, even played soldier with the friends he made. It was all he could ever talk about His mother so worried after him. His father, on the other hand, encouraged him, on his tenth birthday even buying him a b.b pistol and teaching him how to properly use it.

When he was seventeen, he finally got a chance, albeit a small one: A local milita was enlisting people for a few years worth of service. After that, any that signed up would be free to go as they pleased, though there were plenty of incentive to stay or branch out to the real military. Kaze couldn't stop himself from talking about it! Finally, through a serious discussion with his parents, he was free to do as he pleased. So he went.

Unfortunately, the years he was there proved to Kaze that the soldier left... quite a fair bit of things out. In his time he saw how ugly war could get. This displeased him. Where were the heroics? Why were they more a political force than actual people? Why did they have to do such wrong things? Were was the right?

Finally, in his last two months he came across an idealic little village. Hoping to influence a kid as he had been, the troop settled in for his last stint.

He was asked to take up lodgings, and he did. But the discussion involved there was about the town's mayor. He listened intently, and got many differing viewpoints on the subject; few of them mentioned how to help the people. Enraged and feeling he could make a difference, Kaze took up the mantle of the people, making his voice known. Initially he was dismissed, but as the villagers backed him he was listened to. His views attracted many ladies, and he did have his eye on one in particular.

He spent many nights with the woman, slowly opening up about himself. She was quite plain, but Kaze fast developed a love for her nonetheless, and proposed.

At the end of his two months, he decided to stay with her. His former troop moved on, the captain swearing to put in a good word wherever he was headed. Kaze really had it: a girl he was engaged to wed, the suppport of the people, and training and experience to protect them.

The week before he was to wed, an opposing militia got wind of his location. Kaze was nobody, but they didn't care: the only thing that mattered was getting revenge. Kaze fought bravely as he could, but he was no match for them. As he took one foe down, a fire was lit, causing his house to be set ablaze.As the fire spread to the door to his home, Kaze was occupied, and his fiance was the only one that noticed. Split seconds before it crushed him, she pushed him out of the way and was, unfortunatly, crushed and burned to death. Kaze was pushed and turned around right as he saw her perish. He had no time to react; she was gone. He screamed and wounded the arsonist, stumbling out of his once home.

Things got worse, of course. As he stumbled out, he discovered more people had set fire to his town. He naturally went on a rampage, killing all but a few.

Having nowhere to turn to and no desire to go back to being a political pawn, he traveled until he came to a mercenary guild. Having his militia experience, a traumatic experience, and a desire to make the world better HIS way, he signed on.

Fighting Style: Kaze has his trusty pistol, and that's it. He only possesses sharp sight and fast reflexes. He's not the most intelligent other than military operations and strategy. In close quarters without his pistol, He tries to be quick and accurate, but this comes at a cost of him not being very strong.

Element: (Ice and water would be the direct, Fire would be irony incarnate. I believe then that wind would be nice and unexpected.)

Likes: Quiet. guns. Dreamers.
Hates: Arsonists. Traitors. Cowards.
Fears: Arsonists.

Habits: Writes letters to his dead Fiance and drowns them until they're no more. Always fiddling with his pistol.

Personality: Kaze believes in authority and straightforwardness. Seeks power to avoid repeats of personal tragedies. Kaze has blunt political views, seeing clear class differences between "big" and "little" people, and clearly wants to be one of the "big" people, hence his emulation and respect for authority figures. A lifelong fan of fairy tales, he prefers his optimistic way of looking at people, and still tends to ignore injustices when they clash with his world view. Has the worst sense of humor of the group. Favours bodyguard missions.

Conversations: In normal conversations, he'll be slightly secretive, but open to offering his opinion if he sees the need... or wants to. In Business talk, he's straight to the point. Asks questions to get the best picture. During Serious moments, if he's guarding someone, he's no more than five feet away from his charge. Tends to remain silent.On the subject of power, he openly shares his view: He'll do anything to gain more power for his goal of peace. Were someone to warn him of how easily he could falter, he gets angry. He believes, perhaps wrongly, that he can't falter as long as he thinks he's right, Tragedy conversations he can but sympathize, remembering his own tragedy.

Colour: His colour for flashbacks, questions, and dreams is:Mustard-ish yellow

Theme: [flash=250,250]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6YL1Ch45gA[/flash]

Voice Actor: Todd Haberkorn in his Lazarus voice.

Other: N/A

Spitz Bios (Topic for speed) Latest?cb=20140215023639 Spitz Bios (Topic for speed) P5aroiDSpitz Bios (Topic for speed) 96FxLBp
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"I-Is it alright if I play us a song, nya?"/"I WON'T take this anymore! FOR FREEDOM!"

Name: Terra Delnos

Age: 20

Appearance: [img=300,300]https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/830197421896061316/45C336BE05048B2C25437DF808F7884FC64482DA/?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside%7C723%3A1024&composite-to=*,*%7C723%3A1024&background-color=black[/img]

Gender: mtf, doesn't know about magic artifacts that can do it.

Backstory Characters Know: The group doesn't know much about Terra. They know she went to the guild seeking protection, they know she may have a history of being beaten, and they know she may have something to do with slavery. They also have no idea of her being a biological male.

Backstory Out of Character: Terra was born to Hiro and Sierra Delnos. The two had wanted a boy, but even from a young age they could tell Terra was a bit more feminine than most boys, causing great disappointment to the two. Beatings would regularly occur to toughen Terra up. Her only solace was the Lute her mother kept. Playing it allowed her to escape the pain and temporarily forget about her worries. Whenever she could sneak away to play, she would. She actually managed to get a decent amount of gold hidden, enough to be able to run away when she turned 15... and landed in a bit of trouble, what with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. And then she was captured and sold into slavery as a slave. She was rather pretty and her owners didn't mind her age. Plus her music was very captivating. To keep up the misery, anytime she wouldn't perform, whether musically or sexually, she would get beaten.

All this pain and suffering over the course of two years allowed her to tap into magical potential, and one night she managed to break free with a thunderwave spell. Right as a Rebel army was coming. Astounded with her powers, and captivated by her beauty, the resistance took her in. Trying to find a purpose amongst all the warriors and actual mages, she heard them at their lowest morale. Thinking of her talent, she pulled out her lute and began to play, calming the people and lifting their spirits. So for weeks she played on. One day it just wouldn't work. So she used her voice, her words, her newfound determination and passion pouring forth. It perked everyone right up, and the leader noticed. He got to talking with her, and introduced her to several friends. One by one she charmed them, her now silver tongue forming the words as easily as her fingers played the lute. Thus, she blossomed into her role as negotiator and all around spokesperson. She became the go to girl for making alliances with anyone, be it bandit, mercenary, or noble. She was well spoken and her songs captivated peoples hearts. Her, the military leader Alver, and the tactician Yucao formed the trinity of resistance leadership. She had two years of purpose.

From camaraderie in the resistance effort, two grew closer personally. Alver fell completely for her, and Terra for him. They spent a few weeks just holding hands and kissing, and then, they got really, REALLY drunk. He offered carnal pleasure, and she was too happy and drunk to care. Lost in happy bliss, they went to his tent, both drunk as all hell, and he saw. He tried to kill her in a drunken rage. Wanting to protect herself she managed to stab a dagger through his hand and pin him to a table. She ran off and went into hiding, this time thanks to her contacts managing to wander for couple months. But once guards of her country, AND former resistance members noticed where she was, what with her being a decently known well criminal, she ran to the kingdom of Isaela. She managed to stumble to the guild and beg for protection. She was granted it as long as she would join, and within a couple of months she, along with a group of characters, they took on their first mission.

What happened to the Resistance? What will happen to Terra? Will she ever go back to her country? Only time will tell.

Fighting style: Terra doesn't like to fight, and is not very good in a straight up sword fight, being incredibly weak. She prefers to use her lute and her words to sway the enemies to stop fighting. She's rather cautious in battle and prefers to be out of it, but when push comes to shove she will get in your face to use magic to end you. (If she is in FREEDOM LA RESISTANCE mode, she isn't afraid to get up in the thick of it, even with her otherwise rarely used dagger.)

Magical powers: Having been on the road for three years, she's learned a few spells key to her survival: Mending, for tears and rips and such. Blade Ward, for if she ever does get physical, Dissonant Whispers, for when she needs a target dead, Thunderwave, for when she needs people to get away from her, Cure Light wounds, for when she needs to heal herself, and Tasha's Hideous Laughter for when she needs to distract or stop someone from running.
Having been with the party for some time now, she knows just the right melodies to sooth her party members, and pouring a little bit of magic into her lute playing, she can heal them of minor wounds whenever they are taking a break.

Strengths: Terra's greatest strength is her silver tongue and her music. With enough time or the proper motivation, she can paint a beautiful world that almost anyone is charmed by. She is also decently strong with the few attack spells she uses.

Weaknesses: However, when that doesn't work, she really doesn't have much to offer. She's weak, and can only really use a dagger as far as actual weapons go. She's not the heartiest either, and a strong gust of wind could probably knock her down. When not VIVA LA RESISTANCE, she is also incredibly timid and not the best around crowds. She also doesn't seem to think much of herself, lacking in confidence due to her past.

Likes: Music, freedom, fish.
Hates:Slave owners, carnal things, the sound of a hammer on anvil.
Fears: Being found out. As a bio male, as a wanted criminal, as a former slave, as a resistance member, anything of the sort.

Nervous Habits/quirks: Terra fine tunes her lute and smooths out her skirt/dress.

Personality: The shock of Alver's betrayal has caused Terra to revert to being the timid and shy girl she was before the resistance. She has little to no self confidence and thinks that you could and should just pass over her for anything. As such, she hates that she is the one on many occasions who leads the party in social interactions and securing things and such. She does believe that because her self worth is low, that she herself also has little use for gold ad will thus give it to anyone she thinks needs it or could use it. She has social anxiety in large crowds. However, she will do what is right, and encourage others to do the right thing, grabbing some of her lost determination and using it. Like most tabaxi, she is a curious sort, but most of that was beaten out of her, so it's rather downplayed in comparison to others of her race. Also unlike others of her race, she has a longtime permanent goal to strive for. Or had, rather, as she's mostly stopped thinking about the resistance.

That said, when she sees a slave, a whole other side of her comes to light, and she uses her charisma to do whatever is necessary to free them and set them on the path to the resistance. Indeed, if she can get truly fired up, she reverts back into that courageous awe-inspiring charismatic second in command that she was known for being in her country.

Conversations: When Terra wants something, she'll use her silver tongue to get it, or get as close to it as possible. As such she rarely lets businesses deny her. With her acquaintances she tries to keep to herself, opting to providing music during their travels instead of her own thoughts on herself or others. Perhaps one day she'll open up, whether through hew own free will or an event that forces her to, only time will tell.

Theme: [flash=250,250]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT8DgqFJPB0[/flash]

Xavier: Is pretty fond of him, actually, and thinks he's a very sweet person. She tries to inspire him and make sure he's okay in their encounters.
Nera: Lowkey is actually afraid of her because of her constant sexualness.
Jay: Liked her well enough.
Dale: She appreciates his magical talent, though there's an underlying worry of if he knows she's a former resistance member.
Taklinn: She has a slightly racist opinion of dwarves, owing due to her limited exposure and bad influence from her ex-owners. That said she knows he's not a bad guy. But she does think he could drop the pipe, as it reminds her of her father. Is wondering where he went.
Tabby: Wonders what more she is here for.
Vivian: Annoyed at her thinking playing music is just an easy way to get money, she is also reasonably certain Vivi knows she is born a male.

Pandy: Having warmed up to her somewhat, she actually likes cuddling with her at night when she cannot have a tent out.
Astral Dwarf: Doesn't really understand why he's picking on them.

Other Notes: She is the current owner of Thunderous Orchestra, a lute that allows her to play even better, with the backings of an orchestra. If TO was to be attacked, it shoots out a bolt of lightning.

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