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Prologue: Biblos; A grand adventure begins! Empty Prologue: Biblos; A grand adventure begins!

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:28 pm

It was said that long ago, the ancient people lived in harmony. That magic was abundant, coursing through the very veins of the people. That it made life bearable, and that through magic came magitek. a fusion of magic and technology. The people were happy, and everything was going fine. Until a dastardly villain showed up with magic far stronger than what one mere person should have. They waged war, and countless fighters died. Countless mages gave their lives in an attempt to stop them, only to be met with raw magic dismissing any attempts. It was a long, grueling fight just to even get near them to talk, let alone make an attempt on their life.

It was said that, faced with desperation, legendary mages with powers over the elements just barely managed to banished him away. With their last bit of magic, as retaliation, the villain places seals on the very leylines of magic, and vowed they would one day return. The warriors claimed that no matter how long it would take, there would always be heroes to stop him. Unfortunately, without magic, the magitek became lost, eroding, exploding, and all but vanishing from the face of the earth, thus vastly decreasing the odds of the heroes words being true in the eyes of the public.

It's been 3000 years since the fell mage was defeated. Their name, the legend of the heroes, the grand promise both sides made... they have all faded into just that: mere legend. Instead, the world is more focused on the here-and-now of politics, as Vanda's world leaders not only have problems of their own, but of each other.

Terra Lahnsier, President of Lorig, is comfortable in her office, having just successfully completed another year. However, with many of her predeccessors being assassinated, her staff is fearing for her life. As well, despite the low tension, Morbic is getting entirely too close to Lorig's border, and it does put the common citizen on edge. Can Terra survive to the endterm? Will war break out over a border transgression?

Mikayel Pars, Hierophant of Belindo, leads his flock in his church in the capital. Although he lives in comfort, he gives what he can to the causes he sees as just, always referring to his copy of the Sienruhon to make sure nothing he gives to is a sin. However, with the inaction he takes to what the non-believers call Cries for help, faith is shaken, and there may very well be a change in power along the way. Aside from that, Belindo and Keren are in an understated war with each other, both sides not officially recognizing it, but sending their militaries to rough up the border town of the opposing nation from time to time. How long until the dam breaks? How much longer can people question what they call right?

Damian Jourder, Emperor of Keren, is a busy man, ruling from his palace. He oversees almost every little detail to make sure his reign is perfect and unopposed, supposedly uncaring about the health of his populace, though for what it is worth he is attempting to vastly exacerbate the technology available in his country. His biggest thorn in his side right now is a Resistance force, led by a masked man calling himself Ruby. Try as he might, he cannot get an accurate count, or hideout location, or even names from the members he captures. The only thing he can do is send his special forces to stop any dangerous riots. To add to the problem, though he views it as no real concern for now, is the small clashes he has with Belindo. Though each side sends their military to the border to rough up opposing towns, Damian feels like he has a lot less to lose in the long run of things. Will the resistance rise up and topple this cruel emperor? Will Belindo and Keren march to a bloody war?

Sierra Delnos, Grand Mother of Morbic, is a gentle ruler from her fortress. Though she looks out for all of her citizens as much as she can, her biggest pain, publicly, is that she cannot directly save everyone from either being too nice, or too reckless. However, if that is the case, why is she getting so close to Lorig's border that they share? Is she planning something with Keren, as the only real country that treats the citizens there like human beings? Is everything she does an act?

The Rumour amongst the wandering tribes and clans of Tiendra is that there is a powerful treasure in the center of the continent. However, as they can only get so far before everything becomes unfavorable to any would be heroes, no one can tell where the actual center is, and instead most archeologist and scholars simply flock to to first ruins they see on their trek. Is there treasure? How much of Tiendra is left unexplored? What, exactly, is out there that stops the serious pursuits of fame and knowledge?

With all these questions in the general populous' minds, the story begins, opening on a library just south of Letale...

Kaze Rainex woke with a start, looking around, his black hair giving a little bounce as he examined his surroundings with his green eyes. He had fallen asleep, it seemed, in a library. A small book was his pillow, the words still blurry to him. Stretching, he looked around, rubbing his eyes. He was at a wide table, easily able to fit a decent group of people.  He got up to stretch his legs.

"Hm. It appears I fell asleep here. I was reading? How intriguing. Let me see..." He thought to himself, bringing his scarf a bit closer to his neck.

The first thing he noticed was that you couldn't see the walls. There were entirely too many bookshelves in this places, stacked as high as the ceiling. Looking up, he saw that it was at least three, four floors worth, with stairs winding the building in the corner. It seemed to house an average population in it right now, most studying, but a few just talking and hanging out.

Yawning, he sat down and picked up his book, beginning to read it again, becoming oblivious to the world around him, even as a blonde haired girl accidentally knocked into the table, picking herself up and walking off. "The Sienruhon, eh? What a name..."

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