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on Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:46 pm
"Well shit that wasn't supposed to happen."

Name: Pandora Lan Eirza

Age: 19

Appearance: Pandora is a girl who is 5"4 has short blue hair and has three scars down her Left cheek, She has golden eyes and a warm smile. She seems to always radiates a aura of innocents, (well ALMOST ALWAYS....), She typically wears a green cloak that has a Rip in the side of it that reveals the armor that she wears under it. She has a necklace of an arrowhead that looks to be coated in dried blood. The armor under her cloak is a leather vest that only covers from her neck down a few inches below her breasts, (and for the guys that are curious her breast size is small.). The lower armor she uses is a black leather pants and a pair of black tactical boots.

Backstory: Pandora was born in Lorig, and has had quite a unique amounts of troubling times. When she was a child her father was drafted by the then-current president of Lorig and killed in battle, Her mother overpowered by grief attempted to kill the president, which got her killed. Because of her mothers actions throughout her childhood she was treated like she herself had been the one who attempted the assassination, except for one girl named Lissa who was saved by Pandora after being accused for a crime she didn't commit at the age ten, in her teens Pandora practiced using a bow and arrow to fight, while helping Lissa practice using a shield and a mace, the both of them managed to save the money to buy a tavern at the age of 16, Pandora named this bar after some of her favorite words Fucking Hell, the bars name is F'N ALE.

At the age of 17 Pandora and Lissa joined a group of mercenaries who wanted to bring justice to groups of bandits who commit raids on small towns, Pandora becoming the groups tactician when it came to ranged battles, Thanks to her archery she gained the nickname Azure from the group.during battles Lissa would typically stay at her side in case a bandit would try to sneak up and take Pandora out.

When Pandora was 18 the group of mercenaries that she worked with learned about a small village that was under attack from bandits, out of rage Pandora forced the group to run there and fight for the sake of the village, during this battle is what leads to the fall of the famous archer Azure. The fall of Azure was brought about by the leader of the bandit group that was attacking the small village, while fighting other bandits Pandora saw the chief of the bandits attacking her best friend Lissa out of rage Pandora launches an arrow towards the bandit chief who notices and pulls Lissa into the path of the arrow. It strikes Lissa in the heart, Because of this Pandora faltered for the first time in her life. Out of both fear and anger Pandora slaughters the rest of the bandits only to notice that all of her allies laid dead on the battlefield as well. Trembling Pandora walked over to Lissa and pulled the arrow out of her chest she then said "Lissa, I'm so sorry I promise I will never make a mistake this grave again." after the battle was over she buried every corpse ally or foe, then she returned to F'N ALE where she did not say a single word to any of her patrons about where Lissa was or what had happened. All they could tell was that something horrible occurred at the battle because her cloak had a giant tear in it and she was covered in blood and looked as thought she had been crying for a day straight.  

Fighting style: She attempts to find a just reason to fight her foe, if she fails to find a just reason she will back out of the fight. While wielding a buckler on her left wrist, Inside this buckler hides a whip that she only uses if she becomes highly vexed. She is highly accurate, but she is slow to act. She uses the buckler because it is the one that she used when training Lissa in the past.

Element: she will be earth

Likes: Vests and kittens, and kittens in vests, and her pub F'N ALE
Hates: Chainmail, puppies, puppies in chainmail.
Fears: Bows and arrows, and losing something else that she loves.

Nervous Habits/quirks: She tends to play with her hair, or sew on her cloak.

Personality: Quite, sticks to herself and resents being around others out of fear of another accident happening.

Conversations: She tries to stay out of conversations as much as possible to the point that some of her patrons at her bar believe that she is
now mute.

Color: Lavender

Theme song:

Other Notes:

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