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The Scorched Contract Recap

on Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:45 am
First Session: Converging Starts.

A festival is being held in Anshin, and a human teacher is having some fun with her friend. A small cough interrupts her, and her patron appears off in the distance. She confers with her in private. She, Chihiro, has lost her comb in Ramui. And it absolutely MUST be found, no exceptions or excuses! "Get that comb." She kept repeating over and over in between other sentences. The sorceress, Merem-Sho, agrees, and heads off to the harbor to get a ride.

In the harbor, a Tabaxi bard is just finishing up cleaning from her performance when her best friend, Katsu Tora, and elf Merchant, asks her to help him draw in his boat. The bard, Terra, climbs on a line and lands on the ship, but, being incredibly weak, can only ask boys across the harbor for help. They hop over and help her, with her pointing out what to do and where to move. After Katsu paying them, they are ready to head off!

They wind up picking up Merem-Sho, who was almost stiffed by Terra's friend. But they came to an agreement, and set off. During the trip, it starts to storm and Umi-Bozo appear. One hops up on the ship, and heads for Katsu, who is trying to steer using his wind magic as best he can, with Merem-Sho assisting him. Terra plays for it's attention, and then panics and runs around the ship distracting it. This only works for a while, as a giant Umi-Bozo appears, and the ship is torn assunder, rending the three unconscious...

At the same time, a human ninja is keeping careful watch over a scroll. Suddenly, a one-armed man appears through a portal! He moves his guan-dao with such finesse and force that the very wind from it can cut. The ninja, Koga, moves to dodge it, but that was all apart of the plan. Mr. Windakata uses this chance to steal the scroll and leap through a portal, but Koga follows through, determined to get it back! He chases him across rooftops, jumping with perfect ninja-ness! He even notes at one point it appears he switches the scroll with another, but Koga thinks it's just a trick, and continues to pursue him!

Slightly beforehand, a human samurai is asleep. She has a dream where a fiend summons four elemental lords, and wakes up in a cold sweat. She goes outside for some fresh air, only to find some skeletons ready to attack the town. Though she tries to defeat them, they keep resisting. Luckily, at that point Mr. XVGilgamesh appears through a portal and slices both of them in two, and lays something at Reika's feet. He then vanishes, and Koga appears through the previous rip in space.. right as a giant oni appears, crushing several of the buildings. The two, who had not met before this, decide to team up and take it out!

The best solution was Alcohol. To be more precise, flaming alcohol flails. Right to the giant eye. The two clear out a whole tavern, and wind up setting the Oni's head on fire. They climb up to it to start damaging it, as the Oni notices a giant Umi Bozo in the ocean and starts clambering to it...

On the beach where it was, Terra and Merem-sho wake up. Making sure her Lute and Violin are fine, Terra immediately goes to look for Katsu, while Merem-Sho summons her familiar to ask for help. She just looks at the giant umi bozo and tells Merem-Sho to run. Not do anything else, just run. But a scream for help from Terra convinces her to stay, and she rushes off to help her lift some torn boat off of Katsu. He looks pretty weak, but a cure from Terra puts him at least okay. Thankful that he's okay, the three are startled by... an ONI WITH A FLAMING HEAD?!

Luckily, the three just see Reika, to them a blob in the distance, but off the head and pentasect it. "Omae Wa Mo SHINDERU!" She screams. Terra, just looking at the devastation, could only utter...


Anyways, it falls and the five people meet up and introduce themselves. Terra knows Reika is lying when she says her last name, but isn't one to pry. Koga is in civillian clothes fit for Oma Natue after a quick disguise change. Needing to rest, Terra leads the four to her humble abode, which was so close to be destroyed, several bricks were laying dangerously close.

Koga proclaims he is a doctor, and fixes up Katsu Tora. Then, he and Terra go out to heal any wounded citizens. During which Reika is pulled aside and told she should probably due her duty. Koga overhears this but says nothing. After, they all turn in for the night at Terra's place.

Second Session: Choking Catacombs

The party wakes up, Reika and Koga look at the damage the demon did, then peer over the scroll. It has a poem on it about swords, sounds like a puzzle, and it has Reika's name on it. Terra and Merem-Sho go to a professor, who says he's busy for four days but he'll scry for her comb after. The party all arrive at the market. Merem buys a really ugly jacket thing to keep her warm, Reika and koga talk with her uncle and get tasked with finding more pieces of a blueprint so he can make a weapon. Koga tells the man to make Kunai and leaves behind one as a mold. The party then set off for the catacombs

There, they don't investigate much and thus are met with four skeletons. Terra almost dies on the miasma they exude and one stabs her in the stomache. Blood is everywhere. Koga does some cool ninja shit with some torches and they are no more. He then gets to work on Terra. She'll make it but she's walking slow the rest of the day,

The party then have to swim, and on the other side are met with a ghost, who, in echange for her husbands magickal weapon, gives Reika two magickal weapons that must be attuned to her. The party then goes deeper and finds the piece of the blueprint they were looking for, then leaves.

Third session: Skullies and the Tengus.

The party are outside the catacombs, they spot that weird bird-like-manarism person there. After some hesitating, the group approaches. After some minor dialogue, the party is given a diagram... and Terra is chosen to investigate it, but she cannot make anything of it, having rolled a pretty terrible investigation check.

the party travels for a bit, but due to Terra's injuries they are forced to move slowly. Eventually the party camps for the night, the four taking shifts in Koga, Merem-Sho, Reika, Terra order. On Merem-Sho's visit, she is met With Yuki Yuki, a traveling herbalist. Offering her Ivory Comb, Merem-sho denies that it's the one she's looking for, as it is a Jade comb. Flashing her wares, Merem asks Yuki Yuki to wait for her party to wake up.

Eventually they do, and the party-Read, Reika- buys a recipe for Lesser Healing Potions, and a Caligraphy for an Entangle spell. Terra offers her the map to read, and she is in shock that a cave she had just found was already on the map. Koga makes sure Terra's wounds are looking okay, and, other than a nasty scar, she's fine. Terra mentions here that she actually comes from far away, which is why her complexion is unlike other Nekomata/Tabaxi in the area.

After some minor dialogue, the party decides to accompany her, seeing as they were given the map which mentioned this area. The party of five go back to the catacombs, and see a guardian of the dead, a lizard-like spirit. The party is going to introduce themselves somewhat, but Koga comes off and admits he isn't actually a doctor in the conversations that ensues. As well, the spirit notices Reika has the hilt of a weapon called the Zantetsuken. Eisuru decideds to temporarily accompany the party.

The party goes into a cave. Eisuru flies up to a ledge and notes that there is a nest that looks like it belongs to a Tengu. She hops down and the party continues on. The party comes across an Oni-Bi, a flaming skull. Though there was an attempt to ask it something, it spouts a gout of flame. Koga dispatches it with a shuriken. He moves forward, two shuriken in his hand. Eisuru moves next, getting next to one and casts Tongues, ready to talk to it. Her target just spouts a gout of flame at Eisuru, but she's fine, tilting the brim of her hat down and redirecting the flames. Reika moves to the next skull, draws her Fire Fang, and cleaves one in two. Terra rounds the corner, and, seeing another, strums her lute and casts dissonance whispers on it. It panics and just dies from the panicking.

Eisuru flies off and spots another skully. As she comes into the room, a large wind kicks up around the skull and obscures the area. Light doesn't pierce the thick fog. Eisuru has none of it and dispells the fog. The skull, at the bottom a thirty foot ledge, looks upset. Terra is going to move ahead a bit and strum her lute, casting Bardic Inspiration on everyone. Reika is going to move ahead and wait herself. Koga is going to throw one shuriken at a Bigger skully that appeared when Reika got into view. It sticks in the skull, shaking violently, but it isn't dead. Koga hides in the shadows. The skull is going to headbutt and get even bigger. It sucks in a whole bunch of air, but Reika, thinking on Terra's words, covers her mouth just in time. Another skull, looking to be water affiliated, pops out. Merem-sho spins her staff, foxfire comes out of her staff and she thrusts it forward. A nova coalesces and destroys two of the skulls, but the bigger one is only a little damaged. Eisuru takes it from here, plunging her staff down to its head, killing it. Terra, noticing the skulls coming from a hole in the wall, strums her lute once more and casts Shatter, sealing it up. Merem sho uses Ro to grab a Wind stone and a fractured oni horn. The party ventures on, eventually going across a bridge, and comes across the spirit that flew from before. Her cloak seems to be a part of her body, like leather. She approaches Reika and nods.

Reika asks a question, and the thing flies off, only to come back with what appears to be the last piece of the paper. It appears to be for a daikatana named Whisper. Notably, Yuki Yuki seems to have buggered off somewhere without the party noticing. The spirit seems to assume that the blueprint is very important. It does seem pissed that they brought along Eisuru, like some plans were foiled, but it bids them farewell. Koga tells Reika to be careful, and Eisuru bids the party farewell, striking up a conversation with the spirit. She doesn't seem to be in the mood for talking, however, just saying that people are good and most monsters are bad. She goes to add to her map, looking to be a rudimentary map of Ramui. Eisuru leaves through a hole in the cave.

As the party goes to leave, a MASSIVE BEAK COMES OUT AND GRABS RO, PULLING OUT. It dissapears and Koga immediately cloacks himself, searching for where it could be. Merem Sho, screaming, calms down with dome words from Koga. She shoots an Eldrtitch Blast at the wall, and it... doesn't hit the cave wall. Terra casts Shatter where she saw the spell hit. Rubble comes from it, and bonks on the Tengu. "There!" She says, noticing that some rubble doesn't move. The Tengu flits about, dispelling its invisibility. Koga, ready for it, tosses three shuriken into it! It picks Reika up and goes to toss her down to the ground, but Reika is having none of this and remains on it's lower body. The tengu attacks, trying to claw Reika off. It hits, and propels her 70 feet in the air.

Another Tengu pops out and tries to swipe at her, but she pulls out rope out of her pack and rope harnesses the Tengu! Koga runs up, kicks off a wall, and throws three shuriken at the second tengu, but they all miss. Merem goes underneath a tengu, and casts Hex on it. Then, she spins her staff once more and casts Eldritch blast. It barrel rolls out of the way. One of them lands and goes to kick Reika off, and Reika's hands lose her grip, but she holds on with her feet, trapeezing. She's about 40 feet up. The other one is going to summon a wind tunnel, and Koga, Merem, and Terra take some damage. It then becomes invisible. Terra casts Dissonance whispers on the one that just attacked her, and it took a little bit of damage. Reika cuts the rope she was dangling from and move against a wall. More skulls float in. Koga goes to grab a rope, kicking a wall, and tosses shuriken at three skulls. They all hit, and slump down, dead. The Tengu shreds the rope, and they both go to hit Merem-Sho, dealing heavy damage to her and carrying off her prone body. Koga takes this chance to toss a kunai at it, and it embeds itself in its neck. Terra goes to cast dissonant whispers on it and hits, but it's still hanging on, if only barely. Reika carves through the other tengu with Fire fang, nearly crippling it's wings and dealing nice enough damage. Koga rushes up, does a ninja wall jump, aims his last weapon at the one with Merem Sho, and connects! The Tengu dies, goes into a freefall, but juuuust misses Merem-Sho. As she falls, her shoulder just breaks her collarbone, and she's in pain. Terra strums her lute once to heal the party, and then tosses a shuriken at the tengu. it's bloodied. Reika follows up immidiately, leaping up, springing off of it, and slices the tengu straight in half. Koga sees three more skullys, and stoically mentions he may not make it out alive. He picks up most of his shuriken that he's missed, cracks his neck a bit, and tells the other two to handle Merem-Sho, as he goes to hold the line. He tosses three shuriken, they all hit, and they all sink down to the ground. They were coming from somewhere! and DAMMIT, he wasn't going to let his friend die!

Two skulls hit another one, and it grows huge! It headbuts koga, but he dodges out of the way smoothly. Merem sho crawls to where she sees Ro, and whispers soothing words in her ear. Terra Catdashes over and heals Merem-Sho. Reika summons her ki to dash and then attack the big skull with Ice Fang. The Skull clatters to the ground, shattering into a million pieces. Koga leaps off the big skull, tosses two shuriken, killing the two fire heads, and then kicks the other one. It drops down, but there's three more down the hallway. One of which headbutts and it becomes bigger. Merem Sho casts Hex on them. Terra looks like she wants to heal Merem sho again, but Merem tells her to go on, she'll be alright. Terra mentions she's been in pain like that before, but nods, running off and tossing a shuriken at a skull. It hits and dies. Reika finishes one off, and the party can breathe, seemingly having dispatched them all.

With the party having some time to breathe, Koga gets to work doctoring on MErem Sho while the rest look for any loot. 3 Fire, 2 Cold, 3 Cracked Horns, 1 Tengu Eye. Koga then finds his kunai. Merem Sho uses Ro to search and look around. She spots two tengu eggs, yet the party can do nothing. Eventually the party comes to the exit again... and is met with the body of Yuki Yuki. upon investigstion, the party see another hole. They make the conclusion that the hole Terra had shut and that hole were connected. Terra, distraught that she kind of caused it, is beside herself with grief. Merem uses Ro to travel into the caverns, finds an intrument. It's actually a yokai, intent on killing the Tengu the party just fought. Telling him it's dead, Ro books it out of there. The party take Yuki Yuki and place her in an empty crypt in the "Graveyard", and then travel back to Mokyomi... where they see a ship being consttructed, and Katsu Tora there to greet them.

"You don't even have to tell me. I know you're behind this." Terra says.

And that was session three.


At the gate, the party encounters Katsu Tora. He didn't expect the party to be back so soon, and he's acting rather sheepish and a little meandering. Terra has delt with this before, however, and knows he's all out of money. Squidward.jpg So he confesses that he may be barred from the ship building part of town, and he may or may not have shouted and caused a scene. Point is, he's flat broke and already is 3000 gold down. He'd like Terra to also haggle for the price, but just being allowed back in would be an amazing enough.

So the party goes to the marketplace again. Terra goes for the shipbuilder, and Koga and Reika go for Reika's uncle. Koga and Reika reveal they got the blueprints, but after he looks at it, he mentions there's still some information missing. Koga determines it's nothing some Mending can't fix. He also slides a bag of three kunai toward Koga.

Terra, on the other hand, starts talking with the shipbuilder. He's rather pissed that no more work can get done because his suppplies and time are limited. Terra reveals the reason why, and, though she can't fully convince the shipmaster that she can take care of it, he does slide some contracts her way, for interest toward Katsu Tora, with Terra effectively being a cosigner. She looks over the contract...

Reika pulls her uncle aside and asks for some Dragonmaws, but he has to think about it before he gives anything. So those two exit, and see Terra signing a contract. She's asking for something less, but the shipmaster doesn't really want to give one to her, sense she's affiliated with Katsu-Tora. However, Reika speaks up and says that she's with her. The shipmaster hates that she's endangering the life of Reika, but given that she's not lying, he does lower it down to 600 gold. So Terra goes to sign it, but rips it somewhat. She mends it with ease. Reika notices this and pulls out the blueprints, and asks her if she can mend those. Terra does so with something of a confident flourish.

Meanwhile, Koga goes to buy some quills, inkwells, tomes, and parchment. He's a bit curious as to why some is at a discount, but he figures out that it's kind of a Bulk issue. So he buys a tome of parchment, a full inkwell, and a couple quills. The group go back to the blacksmith, who says that it wasn't good. He couldn't forge it by himself. He'd need a spellcaster to help him. The party look at Terra, but she can't help; she knows nothing about blades, so she doesn't feel comfortable with helping. So the party go off to the school underneath the shrine of amaterasu.

They go into the Necromancy door, Shi. The sensei there is only teaching three people right now. He greets them with a hello. Koga gets right to the point and says that he has some bussiness. The sensei's eye flicker to Terra's abdomen, and Koga explains that he'd like to keep peoples vitals intact. The sensei pulls out a large healer's kit and hands it to Koga. He mentions that he prefers payments of potential favours over any gold coin. Koga stowes away the medicine kit and bows. Reika mentions that they are looking for a magic user to help, and the sensei suggests they seek the enchanter of the school. He goes back to his desk and resumes teaching.

So the party goes next door. Only part of the room is illuminated, with the sensei in a spotlight. He points at a student and light shines on them. Terra, to announce their own presense, casts dancing lights on herself. The guy is in very good spirits, and a short battle of dancing lights and dispelling engages, but upon hearing Reika's voice and a spotlight shone on her, concedes somewhat, and spreads Terra's dancing lights to all three of them. The party show him the blueprints, and he eventually offers them an ultimatum; He can assist with the silver, or he can assist with the creation of the Whisper. Reika says that she will have to look around her house for enough silver, but. He presents a counter offer: He'll do both, but only if he gets to keep the blueprints. REika agrees, but Koga is a bit unsure; he doesn't know that he'd trust him, but after glancing in his direction, Koga dismisses it. Reika hands over the blueprints. She also asks if he can make sense of the scroll XVgamesh gave her. He reads it and a smile broadens on his face. He mentions he forged one of these four Forlorn blades. He mentions that the one he had forged was lost in the Kami forest, and mentions it appears to be one that koga could use. "You know" He says with a wink, "A scalpel." Reika mentions that it may have been stolen by one of amatarasu's children. The sensei mentions that it would be best to follow his own lead. The second might be in Anshin, the third in Omoe Natue, and the third deep in a cave somewhere. He says he knows who did it, but urges Reika to play the game and find out. He asks if she would arm the country and send them to war. Reika hopes it doesn't come to that. When he asks of the first leader that vanished, REika responds by pulling out the hilt of Zantetsuken.

"All the leaaders disappered, and he's the only one that came back. If he is the one responsible, than his life will be forfeit." She responds. He looks serious for a moment, and asks her what she knows of him. All she knows is that he's an enchanting teacher who tiptoes around his past. With that, he decides to get back to teaching, saying he will be done with the katana in a day or so.

So Terra goes to inform Katsu of her success, and Reika goes to the manor, telling her to meet up with them with Katsu in tow. The party wander in the manor, Reika with a mission in mind, when her uncle comes in to talk with her about Whisper. He informs the party that he can make the weapon into several different forms, and Reika, saying she has magic weapons already, differs to her other members. Koga mentions that a nodachi would be nice. The blacksmith mentions that he could make a pair of Sai to go with them. Koga reminds Terra of the time she got in close range and orders the two sai for her. Reika then turns to the party and confesses that she is actually Reika Ramui, the interim leader for Ramui. This doesn't suprise Terra or Koga in the least, as Koga had heard everything with one of her aides, and Terra knew her last name from the instant she introduced herself. She tells them to make themselves comfortable, and goes off to find one of her brothers.

He was sleeping, and didn't appreciate being woken to much, coming with a bunch of snark and pessimism. He's only eleven, but very good at polics, with an ear to the ground regarding them. Reika mentions that she may be gone for some time, and requests him sit on the council in her place. He doesn't want to, but he is convinced eventually. She lets him go back to sleep, and rejoins the party.

She asks Katsu how many people he'd need to make his ship work, and after some discussion, with Terra teasing Katsu that he keeps burning all their bridges. Reika forms an order to get some crew together. Katsu is appreciative, and Reika opens her house to the party, and Koga slinks off to a tavern to get some information.

He doesn't learn much, other than the fact he probably has escaped the island by now. He goes off to another place, and asks if he's seen a one armed man. No student there has ever lost an arm, only taken them. The Bushi school may be a good idea. but he dismisses it and heads back to the mansion.

Reika heads over to her uncle's shop, and shows her the shattered hilt of Zentetsuken. He's rather bemused, and a little pissed even, that she did not show him this EARLIER BECAUSE SHE'S BEEN HERE LIKE A MILLION TIMES WHAT THE FUCK, but... She wonders if he can fix it, but her uncle says that fixing it would literally take away his soul. The spotlight Sensei from earlier mentions that it may have been forged in the fires of... but the information would be too dangerous. He doesn't want to see her get hurt, given that Daizo is dangerous and the information could be calling to him. he says the same energy that created the land, could have created the blade. She wonders if she could reforge it, and Kiramei mentions that if she wanted to find GOD and ask him to create enough ENERGY TO MAKE A WORLD and then CONDENSE IT ALL INTO A BLADE, please do. REika is unsure if he's kidding, but looks at him and sees he's quite serious. She asks if there is a way. Kiramei mentions that he was trying to say no, but if she actually wants to find a way, she's welcome to it.

Koga goes to make ninja charms during the night. Reika wakes up in the middle of the night, hearing distant strings. Reika follows the noise, and Koga follows her stealthily. Katsu Tora is being held Hostage by three floating skulls. It was the not-mimic from earlier! A skull manifests above the Bua, its strings plucking melodically. Koga sneaks his way to it, and dives down with his kodachi. He winds up hitting a branch, but the music seems to be originating from this point. Koga goes to hide again. Reika goes to draw FireFang, and cuts both the skulls pinning Katsu in half. She asks if Katsu is alright, but he's too afraid to speak. He does, however, shakily point in the direction of some bushes. She asks him if he still has that parchment she gave him, and katsu doesn't remember. Reika walks off... and sees koga appear from the bushes. Koga also sees (Illusion)Koga. The real one does a ninja flip and throws a kunai at his illusion. Reika just sees Koga fall dead from a kunai impaled in his forehead. Reika draws her sword and looks up to roughly the direction the weapon came from. She kneels down to look at the body. I!Koga's arm shoots up to grapple around her neck, and it pulls her down. The arm shrivels away, and a floating skull appears, mocking her. Reika stabs the skull, saying "Koga would have dodged it." It bites it. Koga jumps back to the tree he was previously in. He tosses a shuriken into a branch, and it sticks in. Katsu Tora jumps in the air, sticks his fingers in his ears and blows a raspberry.

"Gotcha!" He says before disappearing. Koga jumps down from a branch and mutters angrily. Reika expresses that at least they learned something from it. Reika mentions that Katsu wouldn't have dared to lose a parchment, and Koga would have dodged. The two look to see if it's truly gone. They cannot find it, nor hear any music being played.

In the morning, Koga and Terra recieve their weapons. they coral toward the western gate, buying some rations, and they set off. It looks like it may rain soon, and in fact does soon after they leave. Terra complains that she hates the rain, but koga says it builds character. He asks if Reika has ever been before, but she hasn't. The journey is just too dangerous, given what the obelisks are connected to. The party come to a fork in the road, and upon Koga looking at the left or right path, and they go to to the left... and are met with a Lightning Tiger!

Reika goes to get toward it, and koga hops up on a cliff overlooking it. The Lightning Tiger leaps toward Reika, and Reika attacks twice. Once misses, but the other hits. Her Firefang flares to life and sears the flesh around the being. But it's claws are around Reika, and it rakes over her. She takes a pretty heavy hit and is lying prone. Merem-Sho casts Hex on it, and then summons her foxfire to blast into it. Terra goes to blast at it with Shatter, and it hits it's hind legs. Reika, lying prone, thrusts upward. Both thrusts fail to get purchase, but Reika plunges it into it's mouth, and lights it up with Fire Fang. It goes to back away. Reika goes to attack it as it flees, but misses. Koga, in a running leap, starts a run, somersaults off, tosses three shuriken, and slides to a hiding stop next to Reika. The first two shurikens skitter off its horns, but the third goes into its neck and gores all the way through to the other side. The Lightning Tiger rears back its head and shoots out lightning breath. Koga avoids most of it, but Reika is caught right in the blast. Ro flits off toward Reika and casts invisible on her. Terra gets closer to the party, and with her lute, heals the party somewhat, and then casts Shatter on the damn thing once more. It hits pretty bad. Reika goes to carve it up, slicing a few horns off and diving her weapon into its shoulderblade. It's looking bad. Koga pulls out Whisper and carves along it's shoulder, then kicks it twice. The first one pops it in the jaw, and the second one lands in its underbelly. it's still not dead. It straightens itself up somewhat, roars into the sky. It disappears as a lightning bolt strikes it in the back, and then reappears up on a ledge. He roars again and a small bolt of lightning strikes Terra, stunning her for a bit.

A Tengu appears and slashes at Koga, and then picks him up. Merem-Sho Blasts the tiger twice with Foxfire blast, as a large missile of foxfire destroys the lightning tiger, rending it in half. Reika, with gashes in her stomach, falls forward. Koga maneuvers up over its back and escapes the grapple. He goes to kick off its back and land on the grass, landing prone, but he rolls back to his feet. Merem-Sho Hexes the Tengu, then double Foxfire's it, but they skitter off into the cliffside. The Tengu dive attacks the prone Reika, causing several gashes along her chest. It then tries to pick her up, but misses. Terra dashes over to Reika and heals her. She doesn't look okay, but she's up. Koga tosses two kunai into its back and thigh, wounding it pretty badly. Merem-Sho misses with two more Foxfire Blasts. The Tengu goes to dive toward Reika, but it misses. Reika dashes off to the side and attacks twice, but the rain and pain make her not find any purchase. The Tengu goes to dash off, and Reika slashes at it. It hits it pretty hard, and Terra goes to slash at it with Dulcet, one of her two magick sais. She misses, but then finds extra strength in her friend almost dying, and slashes again. It finds purchase, and it's looking pretty bad as it soars into the air.

Koga whips out a rope, jumps up, ties it, throws it, but the wind aura of the tengu shred 20ft off the rope. Ro finds two Shuriken and delivers them to Koga. Merem Double Foxfires. One misses, but the other one hits! The tengu takes the opportunity to land and go invisible. Reika moves, keeping her eyes out for it, but Reika falls once more. Koga dashes over there and picks her up, stabilizes her with his faux-doctor skills, then dashes off toward a somewhat safe location. Merem-Sho summons two more foxfires and the first hits. the second misses. A wind picks up in the basin, and Terra is briefly obscured from view. The winds cut at her for a bit, and she is knocked away and prone. She waves her hand from where it came from, and dispells the invisibility of the Tengu, who didn't seem too happy about that. Ro finds more shuriken, and drops them at his feet and then curls up in pain. Merem-Sho combines two more Foxfire blasts and SLAMS it into the bastard, and it drops down, dead.

Koga, using his new medicine kit, patches up Reika. Her injury should only last a day. Terra goes to look at what the tiger dropped, finding a lightning fang and a mysterious yellow crystal. They also find the Tengu's staff, and sling it over a horse. Really its more fit for a battering ram. The party find the obelisk, and its littered with fragments of Kirin, one of two beings that represent true balance. They basically turn out to be catalyst of tearing open the veil. The party goes to approach the obelisk...

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Re: The Scorched Contract Recap

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Session Five: Trials of the Six-Tailed Fox

The party, a mile away from the obelisk, observe that it is really really tall, expanding as it gets lower and lower. Koga, ever the look out, notices a hut of some kinda somewhat near it on the right. The party reach the base of the stairs leading up to it.

Koga points out the hut, and tells the party to be respectful, as those are likely the shrine attendants. "No Littering." He says with a smirk before vanishing off to scout. He notices that things are avoiding him. A tengu is resting on a Kirin statue, and doesn't seem to care about Koga. Some Kodama are sitting down having a grass party. Nothing seems hostile here. The spirit life seems plentiful and at peace.

The rest of the party inspect the hut. Reika notices that there's a lot of cartoony foxes scrawled in the hut. Amusingly, there seem to also be foxfire-covered eldritch blast depictions covering the hut. The door seems to be a somwhat more intricate base. Reika knocks. It creaks open, and a man looks between the two. "You guys on a pilgrimage?" Some minor confusion on if they actually are, but eventually they are invited into the hut. They notice a white fox appears to be snoozing on a bed. He says he'll assist the party anyway he can, if they are actually on a pilgrimage. Merem asks if he's a child of Amaterasu, and he quips she must not be from around here. He also asks if she has a baker friend, to which Merem-sho responds positively.

Dingan doesn't see the white fox, but the party does. He looks at Reika, and they explain they fought a Nué. He's surprised they are alive, but goes to scrawl out a couple of spells to heal. Koga takes that time to knock, and Koga slips through and closes the door behind him. Koga takes a seat and respectfully nods. Reika takes this time to introduce herself. He tells ms. Ramui to not get any funny ideas. Reika informs him that they came here because there are evil spirits roaming the land. She shows him the map that Not-Garuda had given them. He mentions that the fox on it is amusing looking and it reminds him of the hut. Then Reika brings out the scroll.

Dingan's eyes widen and he mentions that the parchment is from Oma Natue. He hastily wants the party to leave upon seeing it. Reika and Koga stare at him. He had said the party smelled like death, he did not see the fox (or lied about it), He was unfamiliar with this land, He knew the corronation of the Nué and the storm, and he doesn't want to do anything with people who don't have anything to do with the pilgramage. They know he's been lying!

Reika narrows her gaze and asks if he knows about the scroll. He says he does, a lot. The fox is watching what's going on. Dingan seems more uncomfortable. He says the spirits will leave them alone and to do their prayers. Koga bows politely and leaves. Reika wonders why he at least claims he can't see the fox, and if they should even be addressing him at all.

Merem-sho, meanwhile, asks the fox if they know Chiharu. It nods and shake's Merem-sho's hand, then turns its attention back to the showdown. Merem-sho takes this time to leave, and joins koga in eavesdropping. Reika wonders why he is lying to them, and he all but states that he wants nothing to do with Spirit-killers, even if they were attacked fist. Reika states that Daiza has returned and brought a declaration of war against the lands, her lands. He seems moved a little, but only offers that he was taught on scrolls like that. He mentions Oma Natue would likely be the best place to learn about the scroll. Reika walks over to his bead and inclines her head toward the fox... which sneezes on her and tries to go back to sleep. Terra points at the tails on the map, and Reika goes to unfurl the tails. She notices it has six tails, but the fox doesn't like being pet there, and her arm is encased in blue foxfire. She has severe burns on her arm for a bit. Reika jumps back, and Dingan's eyes go wide.




The fox goes back to sleep. Reika apologizes, but the fox doesn't seem to care. Reika and Terra leave. Reika slaps the scroll of cure wounds on her arm and it heals. Koga glances at her hand. She mentions that she touched all six fluffy tails. Koga tells her to not touch fluffy tails. He then informs the party of his findings while he had scouted. Reika goes to bandage her hand, and Koga helps. The party then go up to the obelisk and they notice carvings, a basin-like structure is behind them. Koga approaches the basin-thing. It looks to be made out of jade. He doesn't seem to recognize anything. Merem-sho walks over to koga and they both look. There's a bit of discoloration, and a strange symbol in the middle. Merem-sho notices it looks like a thing that was burnt on Reika's arm. Koga is slightly annoyed he didn't catch it himself, but gestures Reika over. He points to the seal in the middle, and, although hesitant, she touches it and blue fire travels through and eventually opens a door in the center of the obelisk. She mentions that maybe she should be touching tails. Koga's fine with that, as long as it makes progress in their quest.
The party enter, and rather than one large room, it's a long hallway of a sort. Koga notes to himself that it looks something like a ninja temple. Reika notes it looks like her home, and Terra and Merem-sho see their homes as well! The party don't see what the others see. "Be careful. This place is like a house of daggers."


Reika starts to walk, and the party follow. She notes that the steps seem longer than the obelisk on the inside, but koga mentions for her to hush. "Like I said, house of knives." Reika gets a feeling and goes out of the obelisk, and the party follow. She goes back in, and observes it looks more and more like Ramui manor. She goes to where her room would be and sees a corpse. She flips it over. It has the face of a cat, but the body of a human. Reika notices her companions have become wooden dummies, with parchment drawings in typical stances.

Reika realizes she's been talking to a dummy, and cuts them down, mangling their paintings. She notices out of the room the One-Armed Man and a portal. He gestures to the portal and she hops in...
to see her dead body and two Forsaken Soldiers. Reika springs into action with Firefang, slashing at one with such ferocity it shatters into pieces. She then moves forward again, draws Ice Fang, and she jams the wakizashi into it's collarbone. It isn't dead. The miasma hurts her, and then it takes its daikatana and goes to jam it into her back. She takes a strong blow to the back. She's had enough. She draws FireFang and swings! She misses the first, but bisects it with a flaming explosion. The image fades. Her vision blurs and the One-Armed Man is there, with the rift closed. He nods and walks off. A dark door opens, and Reika walks through.


Koga tells his party that he should scout ahead. Terra says that's a good idea. Koga walks, presses a depressed wall, and pops into another hallway. It seems this one leads to a large chamber; a rectangle balcony. There appears to be two exits, looking like they lead into staircases. He follows the balcony and pushes into an indented wall. It leads him to a storeroom closet, and there's a skull imprinted with a bone key. He picks it up and slips back out, going to the left staircase. He takes notes of three keys, and chides Skully for not telling him he had friends.

As he goes to explore, he sees a man tuning a Beewa. As koga approaches, the man looks up, with a Keyhorn. "Sorry about your friend." He quips, holding up Skully. The man unleashes a Fireball, and destroys most the room, blasting Koga something different, then dives into the wall, sinking as if it were water.

"Your friends really need to work on their hellos." He snarks to the skull as he goes to investigate a wall. It seems to be normal, so he treats his burns without interruption. He does see another skull roll out the destroyed Basin. He picks it up and walks to some stairs, but feels an indent in the wall. He nudges it with his foot and he's in a dusty corridor. He goes to be stealthy, and sees the Flame Bewaman nomming face. He doesn't seem to notice Koga, who throws his sais at his back. They hit, and the creature falls over. Koga hops on some shelves, creeps along, and peers down. His foe looks dead, eating a rotten corpse.

"Ah, Table manners to match." He deadpans, beheading it. He makes his way back and plunks the three keys in. A massive door opens and it leads into darkness. Koga walks through.


Merem-sho feels a little homesick, and then feels even more homesick when it leads to the streets of her hometown. She starts walking down a street and, from an alleyway, Chiharu appears... with six tails. She picks up on this, and Chiharu's form melts away to a young man. He says she picked up on that quickly, and offers her a jade comb and a rod. Merem-sho bows, but he says formalities aren't going to win him any favours. He says he'll play a game. If she wins, good things happen. If she loses... He snaps the comb in half. Merem-sho suggests a Limerick Writing contest, and tells him to go first.

"There once was a man who liked fighting, and thought he was quite biting. It was severe, No sounds did he hear, Now his death is tighting." Merem-Sho is nonplussed

Merem-sho Says the Limerick about the man eating the shoe. The boy is nonplussed too.

:There once was a girl who liked backing, though not as much as basket making. She liked to be first, and was considered the worst, unable to resist dangerous undertakings."

"There once was a fox with six tails, who possessed many fails. He got over his head, the competition cut him dead, and was sent to bad limerick jail."

"You win." He surrenders, offering her three answers true. She asks him where Chiharu's comb is. He says its right here. She asks how to repair it. He says you can't. He lets her start again. She asks where her real comb is. He doesn't know. She asks if he has a clue to find it. He says there's a divination in Moki-Yomi. She then asks why he does this. He says it's a little fun, and to enunciate the barrier between Kavaii-Washu and the mortal realm. But he doesn't mess with people. He kills those who aren't good, and Merem-sho was good enough to not have her soul forfeit. She asks if they will let her friends go, and he says if they succeed, informing her that the ninja and the samurai already have.

She says he's really good, and butters him up a bit. He mentions that the Samurai is a good fighter, the ninja likes his stealth, and the bard knows their way around non-violence. Merem asks to see, but her party has completed their challenges. A gate to darkness opens and Merem-Sho walks through.


Appearing to be in Reika's manor, she stumbles around before going to the room she had slept in. It's a bit diagonal, with a flute playing in the background. No matter how she turns, she doesn't see where it's coming from. She decides to play her lute, and the flute gets louder, two large eyes popping out of the wall. Terra plays louder. This causes the room to somewhat form a humanoid form and bow to her as a cave appears.

Terra goes into the cave, inching her way along the right wall. It leads down. At the bottom of it, she sees Yuki-Yuki's corpse next to a Bewa playing music. She promises something of vengeance on the Bewa, and carries on, going into a larger cavern. She sees a large Oni weaving with human skin, and it certainly gets angry when it sees her. But it stops, noticing her instrument. She then somewhat yells that it wasn't her fault, and this startles the Oni, who goes to attack. Terra flees, and comes back in a second. She stealthy makes her way to see what it was weaving; an instrument and a sad face. Terra busts out Price of Freedom, and the Oni starts crying.

"We've all lost good men. Good soldiers. It's up to musicians to ease the pain a little." She says, as a dark abyss opens and she walks through.


The party are magickally several hundred feet in the air, with four pillars in the cardinal directions. Reika pokes Koga who winces that she poked his burnt wounds. The party reflect on their time there. Reika mentions she had to fight the past and prove she was stronger. Koga reveals he had to sneak around a Nuki-Kubi. Merem-Sho revealed that she had to deal with the six-tailed fox who did it. Terra just says she had to play music. Reika notes the disparity of the challenges, but Terra says it prolly would have to deal with their strengths. Reika's eyes go wide when Merem-sho mentions hers. "Arakikara?! I poked the tails of Arakikara?!"

The party look at the Ruby in the Apex. In Elvish, it says The First of Three. Reika pulls out the map and points to the second and third obelisks. The party note the ruby, and, for a brief second, the party all feel a small increase in their capabilities. Reika walks over to the ruby, kneels down, lays her swords next to her, and starts praying. Koga kneels down before it and prays as well, laying out three gold coins and bow his head. Merem-Sho prays to Amaterasu while the six tailed fox sits next to her, curling up and yawning. Terra, too joins in prayer, though only for a few minutes. Reika hears a voice proclaiming she is level five. The fox, while most everyone was in prayer, doodled on Reika's face while Terra watched.

After some time, Reika and the rest of the party get out of prayer. Koga and Merem-Sho notice her face, and she wipes it off. Reika appears a little sad that it didn't do anything., and Terra reminds her that it's more of the peace of mind than any actually effects. Merem-Sho takes a look at the gem and wonders if anyone has light. Reika reflects the near-setting sun's light off her blade, and Terra casts dancing lights on it, but they do nothing. They think about it, waiting and focusing on their religion. Suddenly, as the party are waiting, Koga's eyes go wide and he reflects the moonlight with Whisper, saying the command word. The Ruby lights up, and a thin beam of red light shoots up into the sky.

Reika feels a burning sensation on her palm, the mark is disappearing. She shows everyone and the party take the staircase down. The spirits are relaxing, and Reika talks to a Tengu about the Umi-Bozu. Merem-sho asks if it's far away from home, and it looks offended. Merem-sho says she didn't mean to offend, and it nods slowly. It thinks to itself for a moment, and then thwacks it against a drawing of the Umi-Bozu. Merem inferrs that it can't go home because of the thing, and she relates the same sentiment.

The party look around at the spirits all playing and ponder their next move...

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